Window coverings: final piece of your interior?

Window coverings: final piece of your interior?

The sun coming in through the blinds, the luxurious velour curtain embracing you in the evening. In the home, you live day and night with the rhythm of light. In addition to the decorative aspect, window coverings also act as a means of playing with light and improving acoustics.

We have so many options today to use window coverings to create atmosphere and complete the interior. Curtains, pleats, duettes, inbetweens, shutters, wooden, aluminum or luxury leather blinds.

A wide range of types, sizes and colors. What do you choose? Which ones can you combine? It is helpful to first ask yourself what function your window coverings should serve. This can vary from room to room. Whereas in the bedroom you don’t want to be overlooked but you do want to be able to darken the room (you sleep better in a dark room!), in the living room and kitchen you will want lots of light, you will want to look outside but at the same time you will want limited views from outside.

Balance through window coverings
By using one basic style for the whole house as a starting point, you bring balance. And add an extra where possible. For example, wooden blinds with inbetweens, or with overblinds for more privacy. I always include window coverings in my interior designs and materialization plan as part of the overall picture. It makes it easier and faster for my clients to make choices. Also get good advice about the properties of materials, so you won’t have any surprises. Like those beautiful curtains of linen fabric that appear to “live” with the seasons, when months later they suddenly hang shorter… One of the most chosen window decorations of the moment are dark blinds. With their clean lines, they make a good base and the dark colors make a room more intimate.

Say it: “Open curtains!”
Many a person controls all the lights, sound and thermostat in their home through an app. The same goes for electric window coverings that are increasingly becoming standard. Or do you prefer to control your curtains from the comfort of your armchair? This is now possible with voice-activated controls. Home smart home.

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