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Window decoration to dream away from

Window decoration to dream away from

When decorating a home, it is important to create harmony and the right atmosphere. Window decoration plays an essential role in this. After all, it helps determine the style of the room.

Not every type of window decoration is suitable in any location. Think closing curtains, roman blinds, roller blinds, horizontal and vertical blinds in different materials, shutters, pleated blinds, voiles, etc. All kinds of rails and electrical applications complete the range.

A sleek modernist home is more likely to opt for black wood blinds, while a more rustic interior is more likely to require a cozy folding blind. Also, a closing curtain in wave shape quickly looks much more minimalist and sleek than a closing curtain stitched in pleats that sags on the floor.

In addition to the type of window decoration, the choice of fabric is decisive in the complete picture. The composition of the fabric is important (a polyester fabric has a very different look and feel than uncoated linen) and, of course, the color and any pattern. If you want to optically enlarge the space, choose a fabric or material in the same color as the walls, for example. In this way, your window decoration blends into the whole and creates tranquility. By the way, it does not all have to look perfect; on the contrary, it may look rather lived in. Linen fabrics are wrinkly and have a casual look.

Of course, as decorators, we should not only consider the aesthetic aspect. We also need to evaluate the functional side. Do you want to be able to shut out light completely at any time of day, do you want to avoid mere viewing, or do you want both? Or maybe your home needs better acoustics?

Visit one of our showrooms and together we will find the perfect solution.

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