Wood around pool; to be or not to be?

Wood around pool; to be or not to be?

Nothing beats a pool with wooden decking. Great for relaxing after a busy work week or cooling off on a hot summer day. After you take a refreshing dip and relax on your wooden decking, daily worries seem nonexistent.

Wooden decking; numerous advantages
But, I hear you thinking, is that even possible? Wood around a pool? Our answer to this is a resounding YES! Wood around a pool has numerous advantages.

Important when finishing a pool with wood, is the choice of wood species. It must be wood from durability class 1. These are tropical hardwoods that are very dense and therefore absorb very little moisture and therefore will hardly work. This creates a super sleek and stable deck around your pool. In addition, they are woods that will last at least 25 years, making them ideal as finishes around a pool. Of course, you don’t want to renew that after 5 years!

Edge finishing also possible in round shapes!
Wood lends itself ideally as a pool finish because it takes on the temperature of the environment, making it feel wonderful at your feet. Tiles can get very hot, resulting in burning the soles of the feet! With wood, on the other hand, you always create the perfect user comfort.

With Tablazz outdoor parquet it is also possible to install pool edging in round shapes. This is a unique feature that we are able to offer our customers, which means that round bathtubs and/or a Jacuzzi can also be finished with a beautiful wooden edge.

Let it gray or finish with patio oil
You can finish your wooden decking with an oil that preserves the original wood color. You can also choose a completely different color of oil with which to give the wood a completely different look, such as black oil. However, it is also possible to leave tropical hardwood untreated which will cause it to gray within 1 year. All our tropical woods acquire a beautiful silver-gray appearance within an average period of 1 year and age fantastically beautifully. It’s just what you like! If you choose an oil, this does need to be repeated annually to prevent aging and so you will have a little more maintenance.

AND good for the environment!
Is that good for the environment, that tropical wood? To that, too, the answer is a resounding yes!

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