Wood floors from Meubiflex

Wood floors from Meubiflex

Looking for a special and unique pattern for your wood floor? Maybe Vienna point parquet is for you! This pattern is rarer than the Herringbone parquet and the Hungarian point parquet, for example, in addition, it has a quieter look than the classic Herringbone parquet pattern and can sometimes better suit your living needs.

Our partner Meubiflex offers a wide range of wood floors, including floors with the Vienna point parquet pattern. These floors are available in a variety of wood species and finishes, so you can always find a floor to match your decor. Moreover, Meubiflex also offers the possibility of having a floor custom-made to suit your needs and wishes.

Luxury kitchen with marble top, Luxury kitchen with modern furniture

In addition to the Vienna point parquet pattern, many other unusual patterns are possible, such as the wickerwork pattern of the floor in the luxury apartment on our inspiration platform HOOG.design. This pattern gives the floor a unique look and makes it a real eye-catcher in the interior.

Wood floors are still popular, and there are countless options for finding a floor to match your decor. Whether you choose the Vienna point parquet pattern, the wicker pattern or another special pattern, our partner Meubiflex offers a wide range of wood floors to choose from. And thanks to their expertise and experience, you can always find the perfect floor for your interior.

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