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You can enjoy your garden all year round!

You can enjoy your garden all year round!

Now that we are spending more time at home, we are experiencing how important the garden is to us. In the past, the garden and the home were seen as separate parts and you enjoyed the garden especially in spring and summer. We now know that this is precisely where added value can be gained. Make the garden an extension of the home and experience the outdoor atmosphere even when you are inside.

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors that herald the beginning of winter. Leave the curtains open a little longer and contemplate the subtly lit silhouettes in the garden. A winter shower completes the picture as the skeleton of the garden is covered with a white blanket, but even without snow there is still plenty to see with a variety of winter silhouettes.

And when the snow has melted, the first signs of spring appear, there is nothing more delightful than to find that sheltered spot and enjoy the first rays of sunlight looking out over the borders where the crocuses and snowdrops are tentatively showing themselves to you. The garden is awakening and will show itself to you as a composed color palette in the coming months.

And finally, when the sun is high in the sky, who doesn't want to take a swim in his or her own pool, cozy up in that outdoor kitchen, cook a piece of meat on the barbecue or drink a glass of wine sitting in that lovely lounge set overlooking your own garden.

Through the right design to suit your home, surroundings, style and budget, we make the most of every space, large or small with only one goal: to make your garden a dream garden. With the right sightlines, optimal use of space, the right choice of plants and materials, we make the house and garden into one whole where there is something to experience in every season, looking from inside or enjoying it outside.

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