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Your customized outdoor kitchen in 3 steps

Your customized outdoor kitchen in 3 steps

Wesco Premium Outdoor kitchens

Always wanted an outdoor kitchen that meets all your needs exactly? That's no problem with Wesco's outdoor kitchens. After all, with the Premium Outdoor kitchen from Wesco, you decide the size, appliances and design! In three steps, you put together your customized outdoor kitchen.

Step 1: Determine the format
With the Wesco Premium Outdoor kitchen, you decide the size. Depending on the space, see where and how the outdoor kitchen can be placed. For example, you can choose a format that allows the kitchen to be placed exactly in between something, or you can go for a kitchen island. The sizes vary widely: from 192 cm to 4 meters wide. Should you still have doubts about where to place your outdoor kitchen in the garden or on your roof terrace, Wesco will of course be happy to advise you or check our 4 tips for buying an outdoor kitchen.

Step 2: Choose the equipment
Have you determined the ideal size of your new outdoor kitchen? Then get to work on step 2: choosing and putting together the (luxury) appliances. In fact, there are an awful lot of options within the Premium Outdoor kitchen: from a sink, grill, to a freezer, refrigerator or an integrated kitchen elevator. You can make it as crazy as you want. Are you curious about what options are available in terms of equipment? Then take a look at the outdoor kitchens website.

Wesco Premium Outdoor kitchen equipment: sink, Teppanyaki cooktop and refrigerator.

Step 3: Select your design
The last step, of course, is to decide on the looks of the outdoor kitchen! There is a wide choice of designs of the worktop and finish panels. Do you love a Scandinavian look that looks clean and calm or do you get excited by a tough and rugged look? Wesco offers different colors and styles for the panels and ceramic tiles as side trim, for the countertops and sinks. See what options are available? Check it out here.

Wesco Premium Outdoor Kitchen. Ceramic tile styles.

If you have completed all three steps, then your customized outdoor kitchen is a reality! Would you like to put together your own Premium Outdoor kitchen? For more information, visit the website or contact us directly at or call +31 (0)10 483 68 07.

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