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Your own wellness space starts at

Your own wellness space starts at

"In addition to our specialty in plumbing and tiling, we have now taken a step toward even more luxury and com- fort in the home. Relaxation of the highest quality by designing and commissioning a wellness project in your own home or business. Whether it's a sauna, infrared cabin, steam room, swimming pool, solarium, whirlpool or Jacuzzi; the range and possibilities are endless."

Enthusiastic and visibly proud, Roel Smits, owner together with brother Marco at, shows the result of the cooperation with Alpha Wellness Sensations, the market leader in the field of wellness.

Endless possibilities
Wood and warmth literally radiate out to you when you take a look at one of the wellness models. Form and user-friendliness prevail, and craftsmanship is recognizable down to the smallest details. "This Belgian company makes everything itself, so the possibilities, as in our business, are endless. For us, this is a partner that fits perfectly with the specialty we like to show as a company." wouldn't be themselves if they didn't include all the knowledge and advice they could get. "Naturally, all our employees visited Alpha Wellness Sensations. We experienced in practice and theory what wellness can do for your health. What exactly is a sauna and what does it do for your body? How do you achieve the best quality? Where can you get better advice than from the market leader in this field? The way of working, the specialism, the customer-friendliness; everything fits our company 100%."

Your own wellness project
Partly because of the corona period, there is more demand for luxury in and around the home. "There is a market for wellness. People stay at home and are looking for warmth, coziness and relaxation. The dream of having their own wellness or spa then comes into view. But not only for private use, also business can realize a wellness project as an option. Fully customized and personalized but also standard, we can do anything. A realistic 3D drawing or walking through the showroom via a Google tour, it's all part of the possibilities."

"This is a new shoot in our still growing company, with which we are now taking a new step. A step that complements the craftsmanship we already offered in the field of plumbing and tiling and with which, of course, we are still doing what we promise. After all, we are founders of atmosphere and style."

We do what we promise, everything from A to Z
"As a dealer of well-known brands such as Piet Boon, Motto by Mosa, VT-Wonen and Porcelanosa, we install complete floors of any brand throughout your home. We also call ourselves plumbing and tiling contractors, because that's exactly what

what we do. We take care of your demolition work, the floor heating, supply and install the plumbing, expertly install your tiles and even take care of the final cleaning if desired. Everything from A to Z. We regularly say 'if you can't hit it with us, I hope you can still find it somewhere in Holland'."

"Complete unburdening, that's what we do," says Roel Smits. "We have been a family business for more than 50 years, and we do what we promise." The complete, craftsmanship radiating showroom backs up its words.

The showroom displays fully equipped bathrooms with complete plumbing fixtures, adorned with matching flooring. Beautifully styled spaces showcase countless possibilities. Interior and exterior tiles from leading well-known brands like the ones you see at VT-Wonen, among others, complete the look.

Sanitary and bathroom items
"Not only for tiles but also for bathroom or toilet plumbing, we have extensive choice. With tailored advice for all rooms in the house. Our spe- cialists and advisors have years of experience in the tile and plumbing industry. They use the latest 3D drawing programs and techniques to design bathrooms. This allows us to perfectly show what your new, personally chosen bathroom or toilet will look like." Even if the budget is a little tight, there are plenty of choices in bathtubs, wall-mounted walk-in showers, mirrors, faucets and sinks. "Our buyers are committed to making a good selection and purchasing competitively priced items every week. So a dream bathroom at a deep discount is definitely possible and there is something for everyone.", more than a little tile crazy!
"We create atmosphere and deliver quality. The lines are short and all of us are a
little, well actually more than a little, tile crazy. We have an awful lot of affinity for the products we provide and are always looking for something new. We closely follow trends in plumbing and tile and have a lot of contact with architects. Experience has taught us that they often lead the way in this area. We can take advantage of that. In addition, we attend trade shows twice a year. In February it will be in Valencia and in October in Bologna. Many tile factories are located in Spain and Italy, and for us those are the places to be when it comes to new trends. In addition, we are a dealer of VT-Wonen. A brand name that you see regularly in magazines and on television and that appeals to a lot of people."

Top quality through direct sourcing
By purchasing directly from the factories, is able to provide top quality products at the best price and highest service. "Our warehouse has recently been expanded and in addition to the revamped and expanded 1000m2 showroom, we now also have an outlet section where one can find sanitaryware and tiles for every purse," said Roel Smits.

Needless to say, whatever wishes you have, whatever style you are looking for, at, qualified professionals with years of experience are ready to take care of all your needs. "Our advisors can present the design in a 3-D drawing so that you can make a final choice at home in peace and consideration."

Want to know more? Take a look at the website or make an appointment to visit the showroom. You will be pleasantly surprised and definitely find exactly what you are looking for!

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