Expansion, renovation and redesign
The property
Designed in the early 1950s as a place to stay for the Britsh Airways crew. Crumpled in the following years by means of plastic windows, a modified layout, a “classic” fireplace and open spiral staircase.

The client’s wish
Extend 180 m2 to a maximum of 300 m2 and then have it comply with today’s construction standards. This villa has all the preconditions for our future family home, as long as we are allowed to expand.
Moreover, the location is very popular. Create as much extra volume as possible and make the new house suitable for the future.

After the garage was demolished, two layers with a basement were rebuilt here, the roof of the upper floor was raised and a new conservatory was added. All windows on the ground floor have been replaced by steel doors and rearranged. The building has been made transparent. Long sightlines highlight the smooth layout. The stairs have been moved to a central hall. The characteristic round window has been restored to its full glory.


Photography Peter Baas

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