Jimmie Martin

Cotswolds Country House

HRH Design Group

Watermill, New York State

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841T Double Sided Fireplace

Maison Sucre Luxury Interiors

Luxurious house with cozy interior

Classo Meubelen + Interieur

Interior Mansion dt

Royal Oak Buildings

Housing extension in Brasschaat

Royal Oak Buildings

Construction in Schoten

Royal Oak Buildings

Residential extension Elversele

Royal Oak Buildings

Tasting Room in Everberg

Hemels Wonen

Penthouse in a wooded area



De Waal residentiële schilders en decorateurs

Exclusive paintings apartment Kapellen

Dining room inspiration

The dining room is an extension of your kitchen where you can dine with your friends or family. This space is perfect for cozy evenings and delicious dinners. At you will find the best craftsmen and architects to help you with your ideas!

Everything is possible

For example, would you like a long wooden table as an extension of your kitchen? Or do you prefer a sleek white table in a separate room? Do you want an intimate corner or a large room? The possibilities are endless. The specialists and interior architects have beautiful materials and endless inspiration. They always have a solution for the idea you have in mind.

The design

To facilitate the process of designing or furnishing a dining room, HOOG has selected the most beautiful dining room inspiration and the best craftsmen and interior architects in this field.

Enlist the help of one of these companies, who are passionate about advising you. You can find inspiration by viewing the projects. See which materials and colors appeal to you and discover which design style you prefer.

Completely to your liking

HOOG also provides a clear overview of furniture and decoration. In this way, we offer you plenty of inspiration to make the best and suitable choice for you. Do you prefer a cozy dining area or do you prefer a sleek design? Get in contact with our specialists for inspiration and more information about the possibilities.