Fireplace inspiration

Do you want to create a fireplace, but do you have questions about the installation? The various professionals that display their versatile range of fireplaces at are happy to advise you. They will inform you about the ideal place for the installation and about other things that you should take into account when installing a hearth.

Top specialists such as Boley Fireplaces, Weldor and Daniëls Fireplaces, De Puydt Haarde, Jos Harm Haarden and Heerkens will help you on your way and will create a beautiful fireplace with their craftsmanship and creativity.

Modern fireplaces are much more than just a heat source. They are true eye-catchers in the home. The modern fireplaces are very atmospheric and often function as a room divider. These are modern fireplaces as a result of creative craftsmanship. Custom made and matching the atmosphere of the rest of the interior. Designed by interior designers or by the various top companies in the field of atmospheric quality fireplaces. Modern fireplaces that you keep looking at.

Antique fireplaces

In addition to the modern fireplaces mentioned, there is still a great demand for antique fireplaces. Classic and stunning creations from high-quality materials. Often inspired by old (French) castles and other historic buildings. The antique fireplaces are renovated by skilled specialists and find a second life in today’s high-end villas. At you will find various companies that stand out with their beautiful antique fireplaces. Antique fireplaces that radiate romance and atmosphere and take you to a bygone era.

Outdoor fireplaces

Where modern fireplaces provide atmosphere and cozy indoors, the same applies naturally to outdoor fireplaces outdoors. We are increasingly seeing examples of fireplaces that are a connection between the home and the garden. Where they are incorporated indoors in an intermediate wall, this wall also serves as a partition on the adjacent terrace. This wall is of course the ideal place for an outdoor fireplace but a separate outdoor fireplace also contributes to the atmosphere in the garden. An outdoor fireplace connects people and provides heat. An old-fashioned campfire, but nicer and more luxuriously designed. An outdoor fireplace extends the pleasant evening in the garden!

Design fireplaces

Quality companies and brands show their best examples of design fireplaces at Design fireplaces that excite, surprise and challenge. That you keep looking at. Modern design, freestanding, built-in, wood-fired, or a modern gas fireplace. The choices and possibilities are endless. Experienced professionals like to listen to your wishes and ultimately make your dream come true.