This charming villa from 1903 in Baarn had a traditional layout with the kitchen in the back room “hidden” and had no fewer than 9 rooms. The beautiful width of the building was therefore not optimally experienced, in addition, the new residents wanted a nice kitchen in connection with the living room and garden.
What Jeroen van Zwetselaar and his team subsequently did:

  • The full width of the property has been utilized by making major breakthroughs and the
    part of the original large hall with the living room.
  • The kitchen has been given a central new place behind the ensuite doors in the former
    dining room, with a prominent place in the bay window.
  • The hall has been reduced with a practical space for the wardrobe and the staircase is “packed” in it
    wood that runs all the way from floor to ceiling. The one door gives entrance up and through
    the other door leads into a corridor to the rear of the house.
  • The attic floor has been completely broken open and transformed into a loftlike space. Here is
    a spacious master bedroom with fireplace, adjoining bathroom and sauna, where you can relax.
    A sleek new fireplace has been placed that flows into seating, with a beautiful photography collection above it. The window windows are painted dark, the spots on the ceiling give a clear mark to this space. In addition to the dining room, Jeroen has opted for a “family table” where residents can easily have breakfast close to the kitchen. Optimum use has been made of the space by creating a seating window where you can sink into the cushions and stare outside.
    The former tea room and kitchen were previously separated by a wall. This space is completely open, where we have placed a generous dining / reading table with the piano behind it. The window, also nicely painted in dark anthracite, has a comfortable sofa and a warm textured wallpaper. The television hangs on the wall next to the sliding panels. When not in use, the TV can be nicely concealed, the passage to the living room can also be closed off if desired.
    The image shows how the former hall is still marked by the herringbone made of wood running across the ceiling. Immediately behind the front door you will still find a portico with a practical wardrobe and the antique connecting door has been preserved. Here too you can see rails with adjustable spots coming back.
    The kitchen is placed in the former “dining room”. A large kitchen block, surrounded by the same wood in herringbone, has been placed in the bay window. A block of the same size hangs mirrored above the kitchen and continues into the bay window. He then flows outside into an outdoor shower. It thus forms a modern counterweight. The passage to the garden has been made many times larger, then high steel doors have been placed, this gives an enormous amount of light and makes you involve more outside with the inside. Custom made cupboards have been created around the ensuite doors that are staggered in terms of size and volume.
    The entire floor is broken open on the second floor. The wooden floor and beams on the ceiling are all painted white, contrasting is the completely black bathtub and the washbasin furniture. The bed is in the middle of the ridge and has a view of the free-standing bath. This entire floor is spacious, with a comfortable fireplace in the middle and a pleasant sauna for total relaxation.
    Photography: Alexander van Berge
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