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Bureau Fraai

We are an architecture design studio based in Amsterdam. Our portfolio is broad, yet encompasses the specific expertise needed to design and realise projects for both professional and private clients, spanning all manner of scale, need, and context. As architects and product designers we have more than 15 years of hands-on experience. This means we have built an extensive network of partners to provide our clients with the highest quality work, and instil in them the utmost confidence in managing the budgets and the technical realization of the projects.


For us the unique soul of each of our projects is realized by sensibly balancing our three core values;
‘analytic imagination’, ‘innovative craftsmanship’ and ‘adaptable durability’.


‘Analytic imagination’
How we analyse an assignment to arrive at its essence gives us the ability to go beyond standard solutions. Our courage to dream, and to see apparent boundaries and limits as a hotbed for endless possibilities, can turn the pragmatic into the poetic. This results in a process that brings something new into being, exposes hidden treasures, and surprises all involved.


‘Innovative craftsmanship’
We have an intrinsic interest in innovative craftsmanship. We get excited when we elevate the quality of a building with custom-designed elements, and when we reinvent craftsmanship by fully applying the technical novelties of our time. This results in a refined material and technical aesthetic. We are experienced in uniting the scale of the building as a whole, with the scale of the smallest aesthetic and technical detail*.


‘Adaptable durability’
We have a strong fascination with the contemporary city as a rapidly developing and changing entity; we believe a smart and durable approach to architecture plays an important role in this evolution. On one hand, a building should embody durability through timeless aesthetics, and a first-rate technical and socio-cultural quality. On the other hand, a building should be able to withstand or adapt itself to the continuously changing demands of time.


* Fraaiheid (2012-2018)
In 2012 we founded design label Fraaiheid (together with Sjoerd Schaapveld) as a platform for designing, developing, and selling our own products and furniture worldwide. Not only a successful design label, Fraaiheid is an important platform and showcase where we experiment and explore craftsmanship, materials, products, details, and production techniques as part of our architectural work.

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Bureau Fraai
Pieter Vlamingstraat 40
1093 AE Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20 370 86 00