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Authentic Wide Plank Flooring

Authentic Wide Plank Flooring

American White Oak Country Vintage planks up to 40 cm, Spa House Donna Karan, The Hamptons

Want an authentic-looking floor that celebrates the beauty of nature? Wider and longer length planks are the perfect solution. Handcrafted floors exude warmth and charm, making any room look spacious.

Add value to your space
The greater dimensions of wide oak planks ensure that you will see fewer seams and joints between individual boards. This guarantees that you can enjoy the full sensation of the long grain of the wood, whether you choose our engineered wide plank flooring or our solid wide plank flooring.

Oak used in Barns in the 18th Century was up to 200 years old and and grew in original old growth dark and dense forest before the colonization by Europeans started. The old growth Oak grew much slower and has a fine grain structure.

How we craft wide plank flooring
To craft the purest wide plank floor requires essential knowledge. The know-how concerning a wood’s terroir, for finding and mindfully sourcing the widest, purest and rarest boards available. The wisdom to use only the best tree, and the expertise to select the best part of that tree. And the mastery to make the perfect cut.

Whether we are handpicking beautiful solid heart-cuts of oak or live sawn walnut top layers, we always look for the lower part. The other parts of the tree are used responsibly for carpentry products. The first six metres (18 ft) of the tree shows fewer ingrown branches, which means fewer knots. For exceptionally long boards, we seek those rare trees that are both taller and wider and have branched out much higher in the tree’s early life.

Antique American Oak wide planks
It’s hard to beat a reclaimed wood floor when it comes to creating an authentic, original atmosphere. Often called antique wood flooring, and made from wider and longer old beams, these handcrafted antique wide plank floors convey warmth and charm. Each reclaimed board tells a story of the past, with its nail-holes, wormholes, cracks and patina – the result of over a century of use in old farms, watermills or workshops. We craft the reclaimed wood, with its beautifully uniform growth structure, into XL wide plank sizes that are consistent in stability and natural beauty. We have crafted reclaimed planks up to 35 cm (14 inches) wide.

Bastiaan Smits (joint managing director) and Ebony and Co’s production manager inspecting a sawn log at our production facility in the Netherlands. | Bastiaan Smits inspecting American White Oak in a pure Select Grade up to 50cm wide and 4m long.

Oak planks up to 50cm wide
Since Ebony and Co makes exclusively custom wood products, we can offer a huge variety of species, finishes and patterns, always with our favourite option of making those extra-long lengths or extra-wide boards. Imagine what you could do with oak planks 10 m (33 feet) in length, or up 50 cm (24 inches) in width.

These selections of Oak are the true “black caviar” in the world of wood flooring. Rare, slow, and second to none! – Bastiaan Smits (joint managing director)

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