Romain Dossou Interiors

Project Amsterdam

Romain Dossou Interiors was greeted with an exciting project in the Amsterdam Museumkwartier right in the middle of a pandemic. With a raft of challenges ahead of him, Romain has created this beautiful space for you to see and enjoy.

The apartment was built in the late 1890s and features many of the traditional elements used within that time frame. Built-in cabinetry, ornate plaster ceilings, French doors, the list goes on. The challenge however was to capture these traditional elements while bringing the apartment to today’s modern standards.

Romain believes in statement interiors and wanted to create a cohesive yet dramatic feel for his client, with masculine elegance and a grand (VIBE).

The apartment was stripped to its bare bones and only the traditional features remained. Through clever design and thoughtful conceptualisation, Romain was able to create zones of cohesive living without having to heavily manipulate the original layout of the building. All the while navigating the challenges of a delayed pandemic life.

Connecting each room through a well-thought-out colour palette that transcended from dark to light throughout the apartment. The house starts with a moody yet inviting black kitchen, featuring a black and nutmeg marble countertop paired with copper tiles and black cabinetry. You then move into the dramatic yet warm formal dining room with tones of chocolate and metallics. This sets the scene to move into the honey-yellow library featuring modern curved cabinetry bookshelves lined with hundreds of books and personal items, this room adds softness through its design and creates a modern and unique feel for a timeless environment. The adjoining room is where we get to the inviting, light, and fresh lounge in modern neutral tones with hints of sophisticated drama.

Upstairs we move back to a glamorous and masculine bedroom creating cohesive and moody tones.

This project was a labour of love and challenges all at the same time but has come to life and is reaping the rewards of its newfound glamourous design.

Photographer: Rene van Dongen

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