Osiris Hertman, Top Designer, shows his new designs at the Masterly 2022, 7-12 June.

Osiris Hertman, Top Designer, shows his new designs at the Masterly 2022, 7-12 June.

Look closer – a world of nature-inspired craftsmanship

The maxim “Less is more” has been with us since the mid- 20th century. But the philosophy it encapsulates has often been misunderstood, to the extent that these days it typically conjures up images of sparsely furnished, white- walled apartments with ultra-modern furniture resting on pale wood floors. It’s an interpretation that merely scratches the surface of the philosophy, which is why many such interiors – even at the top end of the market – look not only generic, but also somewhat impersonal. Whereas people tend to use adjectives like “warm”, “intimate”, “luxurious” and “inviting” when describing interiors designed by Osiris Hertman; and yet “less is more” is a fairly accurate encapsulation of this designer’s approach, too. So what is he doing differently?

The philosophy described by those three words is both about avoiding superfluous decoration so that what is displayed creates more of an impact, and about stripping design down to its bare essentials so that a thing’s function is discernable in its form. Both of these are true of all the interiors and products presented in this book. Of course each of the interiors began life as a unique challenge defined by a unique space and a brief based on the client’s individual wishes and way of life.

Hertman is an old school designer with the heart of a craftsman. This is evident in the equal attention he gives to choosing and treating materials, to design considerations and to the extraordinary level of workmanship that goes into everything he produces. The impact created by each item within an interior depends on a mutually reinforcing relationship between these multiple aspects. But the only way to ensure that this fine balance occurs every time is to design everything yourself, so that is what Hertman does – furniture, lamps, rugs, even tile collections – everything flows from his pen, or as much of everything as possible, and everything is handmade. We know that to examine any material from nature in its raw state is to be lost in a world of wonder defined by texture, colour and patterns. Nature needs no embellishment to have this effect on us. Thus one of the tasks Hertman sets himself in his use of materials is to retain as much of these raw properties as possible.

A tabletop of live edge wood will therefore be allowed to display its every undulation and tonal variation through the eight layers of epoxy in which it is sealed. The leather used in cladding a wall will reveal its organic imperfections. And a boulder might be hollowed out to create a sink, but its sides will be left rough-hewn. In so doing, each item reveals a world of such natural richness that only a few pieces are necessary for an interior to feel full and endlessly absorbing, while leaving plenty of space for its occupants to experience a sense of freedom. Retaining these properties achieves other ends, too: it allows Hertman to maintain a simplicity of form in his designs, since half the task is to allow the design to reveal as much of these properties as possible; the frequent use of raw leather and untreated wood also contributes to the warm ambience that suffices his interiors; finally, the organic properties contribute to the overall sense of living with nature, which fosters a sense of peace.

Then there’s the central role of craftsmanship, which comes as no surprise, given that Hertman’s interest in wood-carving and stone-grinding began long before he was old enough to know there was a design academy in Eindhoven, which he would later attend. Hence his many travels across the globe in search of local woodcarvers and craftsmen who share his dedication to craftsmanship. The techniques used by some of his fellow devotees have been passed down from generation to generation. Such is the case with the small, family-owned business in Indonesia that hand-sculpts his intricate lamps using techniques originally developed for making jewellery. Meanwhile the materials from which the products are crafted – bronze, copper, amber stone – allow them to radiate an aura that contributes to the warmth and richness of the rooms they serve.

And of course there’s the fine orchestration that goes into putting everything together to achieve a state of perfect balance and a unique and complete identity for each interior so that nothing further is required by the client – no additional accessories, furniture or bed linen.

The riches are hidden in plain sight, and everything works together unobtrusively. And as the interiors in this book demonstrate, the results radiate a sense of peace, an outcome achieved time and time again with “less”. As Hertman maintains, “An interior needs to exude serenity and generate a feeling of well-being. It is only then that the beauty of detail, the structure, the colours, the ingredients that constitute the whole become apparent.

“I thank my family, friends, team, artisans from all over the planet, colleagues > architects and desingers & clients; that give me the trust, space and power to create, now and in the future, i am grateful to you all!”

QUINTALISQUE – Hexagon collection designed by Osiris Hertman

QuintaLisque is New Terracotta’s designated partner in Holland. New Terracotta is one of the world’s finest ceramic tile manufacturers. If “modern” means more than just a casual word, then, indeed, New Terracotta’s products are truly modern. The colours and glazes of their handmade products are unsurpassed and stunning. They so inspired Osiris Hertman that he took to his drawing table and flashed out his Hexagon Collection, which is produced, exclusively for QuintaLisque, by New Terracotta handmade by local artisans in Portugal.

Models now available; Hexa-Queen, Hexa-King (30 cm wide and 2 cm thickness) and Hexa-One, the new thinner 3D tile in the Hexagon collection. Gold Ocean Mystery Hexa, is the brutal blue tile with splashes of gold.

Formani – Doorware cone series designed by Osiris Hertman

FORMANI chooses collaborations based on shared core values. Passion for design, eye for detail and high standards of quality and craftsmanship. This is how our collaboration with Osiris Hertman started. For Osiris Hertman it’s all about creating harmony between architecture and interior design. By working as much as possible with natural light in combination with carefully chosen traditional, intense and dark materials, he always finds the balance between (subtle) luxury and tranquility. Details make an essential contribution to this balance and that is how the CONE hardware collection was born. The door handle gives access to something precious and, therefore can be a modest but present piece of jewelry. It brings attention to the present moment. The unique design, the technical perfection and the quality of the CONE, ensure unity, balance and functionality. A co-creation that fits perfectly with the design philosophy of both Osiris Hertman and FORMANI.

The CONE door handle, inspired by the handle of a safe, is characterized by its stately and timeless character. The neck, which became narrower, is creating a characteristic cone shape and the rosette-less version of the handle makes it seem as if it is floating on the door. The superb level of finish of the one-piece handle is astonishing and attests to technical precision. The seamless shape provides peace of mind, but nevertheless makes an essential contribution to a more beautiful interior. 

The CONE has won the Red Dot Design Award 2021 in the category ‘Product design’. The jury commented: The design of the CONE combines a strict minimalist design with high-tech production quality to form a powerful unit. The winning handle is part of the complete CONE series, consisting of luxury door fittings, window fittings, furniture fittings and accessories.

The CONE series is available in two finishes: our latest PVD matt black and matt stainless steel.

De Rooy – Steel doors collection designed by Osiris Hertman

The look and touch of the finishing with colors like warn copper and brushed old gold, give you a feeling of natural interior colors instead of the hard black lines well known in the steel door world. Osiris chose to shape the handle as a true piece of jewelry. The calmness of this handle is part of the design DNA of Osiris Hertman.

Lotus, Rituals & Meditation are new models of Osiris Hertman, the subtle colors of the finishing took De Rooy several months to develop in the finishing Osiris was looking for.

Alphenberg – Hexagon leather acoustic panels designed by Osiris Hertman

Our newest design in collaboration with Alphenberg Leather: The Hexagon Acoustic leather panel.

The panel itself is made from recycled felt which supports significant noise cancellation. The outstanding leather covering the top, is either Tundra leather (slightly structured) or Boxer leather (smooth and even). Whatever your choice may be, you can be sure we always use topnotch materials.

One panel is sized 54 x 47 x 4 cm. They are very easy to apply as it has a self-adhesive sticker attached to the back.

The colors to choose from are Grey, Stone, Chocolate or Black.

Fancy a different shape or size? That’s possible because as you can cut the felt yourself.

*Acoustic values:

AW (ISO 11654) = 0,25 (MH)

SAA (ASTM – C423) = 0,40

Exclusively available at Alphenberg leather.

Fractions – Design shutters by Osiris Hertman

Fractions are unique aluminium shutters. Osiris Hertman and Fractions have been collaborating to fulfil their dream to take light experience one step further by adding design to functionality. Top designer Osiris Hertman took on the challenge and created several unique designs, starting from the interaction of light, shutter and shadow.

This led to unique design shutters which, combined with the option to vary between open and closed settings, create a playful shadow effect and a unique sense of privacy.

The elegant Osiris designs, which speak of his love for craft and material, combined with the technical knowledge of Fractions make this Design by Osiris Hertman product line a unique window decoration with optimal luminosity.

HOUTZ – Designer doors collection by Osiris Hertman

With passionate craftsmanship, a few still possess, the most special interior and exterior doors are manufactured in the HOUTZ workshop by their very own trained craftsmen. Osiris tested a lot of material combinations before launching a new door for the HOUTZ collection.

Although HOUTZ uses the most modern production techniques, the traditional craftsmanship is never lost sight of. Osiris Hertman works in the door collection with Leather, Decolegno and Old reclaimed wood from swiss chalets. All Houtz doors are finished with the Formani Cone collection in stainless steel of sturdy black PVD finishing.

Maretti – Lightning collection by Osiris Hertman

Osiris Hertman shares our passion for unique craftsmanship and the use of natural elements in product design. To ensure the authenticity of his interior designs, it is important that the interior items are perfectly matched to them or even better, produced for them. Here lies the strength of Maretti Lighting; we can produce any design in the field of lighting and thus offer designer Osiris absolute freedom in his interior projects.

The cone is now available with rings of silver, gold and copper, also brings Maretti the Hexagon lamp collection by Osiris Hertman in black copper, black gold or just shiny copper and shiny gold. The reflection of the subtle Hexagon 3D patterns brings a down to earth luxury to the interior.

JEE-OCone series designed by Osiris Hertman

Creative brain behind JEE-O, concept, and product designer Lammert Moerman, only has one wish. To enable the world to feel the JEE-O DNA

Enjoy your beautiful bathroom and the experience of the JEE-O products. JEE-O and designer Osiris Hertman created together a special collection: the cone series.

The cone series is the perfect balance of playfulness and boldness. From a distance, the design seems elementary, but a closer look reveals unusual details and an elegant finish, expressing the craftsmanship Osiris always seeks in his designs. Osiris believes that, while we should be careful in our use of water, we can still enjoy it. Our bathrooms are gradually becoming places of relaxation, often with seats, music, plants, and if there is enough space, saunas, fireplaces, and pretty views. They are now spaces to be enjoyed and to recharge so we can deal with a world that is much busier and more demanding than ever before. Good indoor spaces should have the same ambience as our natural surroundings and provide peace and quiet.

The conical shape, the basis for this series, can be found in the smallest details. The handles are modelled on safe doors – after all, water is a precious commodity. At the same time, the designs bring allure to your home, a notion that is held dear by JEE-O too. To JEE-O, the design is paramount, the essence of our product. A thorough look reveals cones in all the components. Our cone series consists of freestanding showers, a freestanding bath mixer, wall and ceiling showers, wall and top mounted basin mixers, a bath and basins. The collection is made from stainless steel with a structured black finish while the baths and basins are made from DADOquartz.

Bram Reijnders – Artist

The playfullness Bram Reijnders uses materials is very well conected to interiors Osiris Hertman creates with his team. In your face art with a fresh concept, is how osiris likes to describe it.

Reijnders his work contains a lot of contrast: the ripped pieces of billboards combined with youthful themes and a smooth, lush finish. Reijnders invites us to “undress our adulthood” and rationale to enjoy the beauty that emerges from his images. By decontextualizing these pieces of reality and adding new urban images, pop culture, and mass consumption items in them.

This is how Reijnders sees art as an action more than a narrative. He calls it the magic of the studio: things you can’t predict happen there, it’s just like a laboratory.

Bekijk hier de projecten van Osiris Hertman

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