Exclusive Kitchen Design 01

The pre-sale of the new book Exclusive Kitchen Design has started, exclusively for followers of On more than 500 pages, the best and most creative designers and high-end kitchen specialists from the Netherlands and Belgium show their most exclusive kitchen designs. More than 40 inspiration projects to dream away with. Beautifully photographed and designed and appropriately described. As you are used to from us.

The expected release date is May 2021.

 125,00 incl. VAT and free shipping in The Netherlands and Belgium

The most exclusive kitchen designs from the Netherlands and Belgium.
With projects from:

  • Boreas
  • Culimaat
  • De Maatwerker
  • Decoration Empire
  • Dimitri de Roeck Interiors
  • Ecker Interieur
  • Eginstill
  • François Hannes
  • Jos van Zijl
  • Kitchen Concepts
  • LODDER keukens
  • Obumex
  • Piet-Jan van den Kommer
  • Stock Dutch Design
  • Strakk Interieurbouw
  • Studio LIV
  • Studio P.
  • Studio Ruim
  • Tinello
  • Wolterinck

5 years of

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Design by: Studio Ruim

Heart of the home

Much more than before, kitchens form the heart of the home. It is therefore not without reason that many designers and interior architects start with the siting of the kitchen in the design phase of an interior. They are central living spaces in which a large part of daily life takes place.

Creations of designers and specialists

We enjoy delicious meals with the family, spend the day together and cook, laugh and toast with friends and family. The importance of the kitchen as a living space is reflected in the creations of designers and specialists. We see generous tables, comfortable sofas and chairs, fireplaces, beautiful lighting and (coffee) bars: everything to make the space a warm, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing enjoyment space.


In the book Exclusive Kitchen Design 01 we present more than 40+ of these inspiring dream results. Take advantage of the HIGH FIVE deal quickly and dream away with the most exclusive kitchens in May 2021.

Design by: TKI
 125,00 incl. VAT and free shipping in The Netherlands and Belgium
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