Scented candle 725


A pleasant and pleasant scent creates a warm welcome in a room. Just like a high-quality piece of furniture or a carefully composed color palette, it contributes to the overall appearance and comfort in the home or business space.

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 95,00 incl. VAT and free shipping in The Netherlands and Belgium

Getoond project design: Huis van Strijdhoven

Nice to give, a wonderful gift to receive.

The scented candles from’s rich PREMIUM HOME COLLECTION, created with love and craftsmanship, provide that wonderful and warm feeling. Nice to give, a wonderful gift to receive.

What’s Included:

  • the box contains one scented candle with three fuses
  • the candle burns approximately 40 hours
  • the candle has a diameter of 12,5 cm and is 13 cm high
  • content 725 gr

Authentic Dutch candle factory

The scented candles have a sleek design and are cast in an authentic Dutch candle maker. The high-quality glassware is the result of German craftsmanship and has a matte black color. The Paraffin Wax, chosen by artisan candle makers on the basis of knowledge and expertise, spreads after ignition the delicious and high-quality scent, which was specially developed for

Unique (gift) box

Each candle is individually packed in a luxury (gift) package

Unbox and enjoy

Open the box, light the candle and enjoy’s own unique scent.

Unique fragrance

Even faster than an image, a scent tells you how you experience a space. A pleasant scent provides peace and a feeling of luxury and also gives energy and makes you happy. Fragrance enhances the feeling of an environment or brand. Scent will always be personal and that is what makes it so interesting. The fragrance developed by renowned fragrance specialists exclusively for makes a reinforcing connection with the environment. The scent brings class and tranquility, but with a challenging edge. It will inspire you. Have a different look at reality and welcome your guests in an extremely pleasant way. A high-quality firm amber scent with notes of black rose in a base of spicy, dry wood aspects with a deep earthy character make the creation unique. Enrich and heat your home or business with pure luxury.


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 95,00 incl. VAT and free shipping in The Netherlands and Belgium
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