THE BEST Interior & Garden Designers

THE BEST Interior & Garden Designers #01 shows the highest quality interior projects and garden designs. The most creative, prominent and talented designers from the Netherlands and Belgium show what they are capable of and ensure the admiration and amazement of the readers.

* The exclusive book will launch September 28, 2023, but is already available for pre-sale.

 125,00 incl. VAT and free shipping from € 40 within The Netherlands and Belgium

Exclusive projects by the best interior & garden designers in the Netherlands and Belgium


  • Jeroen van Zwetselaar
  • RA Studio
  • Kolenik Design
  • Studio des Bouvrie
  • Studio Liv
  • Anne Claus
  • JUMA
  • Dieter vander Velpen
  • TenArchitects
  • Laura Calleeuw
  • Vlassak Verhulst
  • Studio Marco van Veldhuizen
  • Studio Piet Boon
  • Framework
  • Bob Manders
  • Kabaz
  • Mariska Jagt
  • Remy Meijers
  • Osiris
  • Fran├žois Hannes
  • Van Damme van Putte
  • Patrick Russ
  • Niels Maier
  • Jeroen de Nijs
  • Linda Lagrand
  • Obumex
  • BBrand
  • Grand&Johnson


  • Betul Canbaz
  • Britt van Namen
  • Linda Pol
  • Guy de Vos
  • Erik Koijen
  • Atelier ND
  • Lotte Faassen
  • Aafke Wolterinck
  • Studio Ecker
  • Studio 34 South


  • Meker Tuinen
  • Knops Tuindesign
  • Studio Redd
  • Duo Verde
  • TIM Exclusive Gardens
  • Van Mierlo tuinen
  • Erik van Gelder
  • Peter van der Velden
  • Monbaliu
  • Don Hoveniers

About the book

This book is extra special because it is our seventh anniversary year. The book has 600 pages of dream projects and craftsmanship of the most talented architects and designers from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for a stylish living room, a beautiful garden or an innovative office, this book offers an abundance of inspiration and valuable advice from the experts themselves. You get a unique insight into the thoughts and working methods of the best designers and architects.

 125,00 incl. VAT and free shipping from € 40 within The Netherlands and Belgium
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