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The Next Generation 01

In the series of successful inspiration books from we proudly present the beginning of a new series: ‘The Next Generation 01’. An inspiring must-have for lovers of bold architectural design. ‘The Next Generation 01’ shows the most HIGH-quality architectural projects from our young and new architects and designers from the Netherlands and Belgium.

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‘The Next Generation 01’ shows the projects of a new generation that combines courage with a sense of reality and social responsibility with entrepreneurship. This book is full of architects that have the conviction that architecture can or must be made in a radically different way. A bundle of more than 25 special projects photographed in a unique way.


Unique content from the new guard of  architects in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The bold projects are briefly and vigorously accompanied by personal texts from the responsible designers. In ‘The Next Generation 01‘ these words melt together beautifully with beautiful and extensive photography. Inspiring, bold,  personal and delightful. A unique book with unique content.

The best materials

By using the best materials such as 170 grams paper, Japanese ink and a linen cover, the projects really come to life.


‘The Next Generation’ is a bulky and impressive book of 25.2 x 33.2 cm that enriches your interior. A must-have home accessory.

500+ pages

500 pages of inspiration from young talents, 500 pages of bold design.  ‘The Next Generation 01’ lets you enjoy 500 pages long.

Architects and interior designers

  • Mirthe Janus
  • Design By Anke
  • Medie Janssen
  • Guy de Vos
  • StudioLIV
  • Bob Romijnders
  • Martijn Veldman
  • Studio Hermanides
  • Clairz Interior
  • DMD Amsterdam
  • Lotte Faassen
  • Nena van Gemert
  • LUXV Interior Design
  • NOX studio
  • Piet-Jan van den Kommer
  • Studio P Architects
  • NOW.A Design Studio
  • Victoria-Maria
  • Steven van Dooren
  • Wendy Verstrepen
  • Dieter van der Velpen
  • Sphere Concepts
  • imore
  •  Studio La Plume
Design: NOWA Design Studio | Photographer: Andries de Ree

What interior architects say about

Mirthe Janus

The interiors of Mirthe Janus are characterized by a modern-chic look in which peace, unity and clean lines are the common thread.

Dieter vander Velpen

“With high-quality materials and the cooperation of extraordinary craftsmen, we strive to create the customer’s dream home.”

Lotte Faassen

“As an interior designer I like to think out of the box and add a feminine touch to an interior”

Design: Dieter Vander Velpen Architects | Photographer: Patricia Goijens