The Couture collection!

The Couture collection!

With great pride, we can introduce our new Couture Collection from CS rugs.

With “Couture” we are adding another beautiful and versatile choice palette!
With the new Couture collection we have focused on fabrics and textile bindings. Whether it’s jeans with a robust twill weave or clothes with a delicate satin weave; whatever weave a fashion item is made of, the construction is intriguing when translated into carpet patterns. We have selected 8 weaving constructions and developed them into special designs.

The 100% merino wool rug consists of a combination of both loop and cut pile, with the loops partially sheared to create a soft, velvety pattern. Pile heights range from 6 to 9 mm, creating a light 3D structure. Each rug has a 2 cm velvet border as standard.

Inspired by this high fashion world and fascination for materials, the CS rugs ‘Couture collection’ was created. Textile bindings converted to 3D patterns. The rugs are soft and elegant, in various designs.

The collection allows the customer to choose from a small pattern [S], a medium size pattern [M] or a larger pattern [L]. Each pattern size has its own playful character! Lines and dots, squares and diagonals and even iconic fashion patterns together form the Couture collection.

The collection combines colour, shape and functionality – the carpet has a strong construction and with its low pile is suitable for both residential and project-based use.

‘Couture’ comes in 24 rich colour mixtures of which 8 are gradients. The gradient colour option adds an elegant chicness to the rug like we experience on the Catwalks’ Couture wear. A stunning collection that makes you look twice!

‘Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only’ – Coco Chanel.

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