HOOG.design and Culimaat proudly present the Equinox One: the ultimate one million kitchen.



Imagine yourself this: you live in a wonderfully bright, spacious and high floor penthouse from where you have a beautiful view of the city and the greenery that is surrounding you. Throughout the day you can enjoy the sun and the light that enters your home. How wonderful would it be to have a kitchen in your home that completely matches this experience? How wonderful would it be to be the proud owner of a kitchen that can adapt to the sunlight entering the apartment? Culimaat designers Twan and Davy Swanenberg – Winner World Kitchen Design Award – created the Equinox One from the urge for luxury, innovation and creativity.

The Equinox One is an eyecatcher in your penthouse or villa, a feast for the eyes and a beautiful work of art to be proud of! Made with the most beautiful and unique materials for ultimate luxury and pleasure of living. Continuously provided with bright light during the day and wrapped in atmospheric LED lighting at night. Cooking has never been so special.

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Semi-precious stones

The back wall of the kitchen is made entirely of semi-precious stones. During the day the kitchen provides a beautifully elegant marble effect and in the evening and at night it functions as a special lamp. Your entire home is beautifully illuminated. The kitchen is one of a kind and contains many of these secrets.

The Equinox One is a kitchen where everything has been thought of: a beautiful design, unique materials and light everywhere. Ultimate luxury and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Innovative and stylish design

Innovative and stylish design. Be surprised by the many secrets in this kitchen.

Extraordinary craftsmanship

Unrivaled quality and a beautiful design together ensure extraordinary craftsmanship.

Enjoy ultimate luxury

Enjoy ultimate luxury and beautiful materials. This is a kitchen to fall in love with.

High-quality finish, exciting lines and special details

In addition to the above materials, the kitchen also uses matted stainless steel and high-gloss polished stainless steel. The kitchen worktops of the islands consist of quartzite and of course the kitchen is also equipped with high-quality kitchen equipment.

LED lighting is installed and can be adjusted to your own taste. This creates subtle light lines and beautiful stunning sight lines. The LED lighting creates a beautiful reflection on the gold leaf that is used in the side walls of the kitchen cabinets. All materials used together create a story.

You can manually turn the rotatable kitchen islands towards each other or turn them away from each other. The tall kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, can slide apart automatically. This way you can always let sunlight into your kitchen. Everything has been thought of. How about the beautiful wine cabinet at the back of the kitchen, for example?

Another very nice detail can be found in the finish of the centerpiece of the kitchen. A fan in the wood is visible behind a glass plate around the ovens. This fan symbolizes the sun that plays such an important role in the Equinox One: it’s the ultimate summary of the design.

Rotatable kitchen islands

The two impressive kitchen islands can be turned towards each other. This allows you to make optimum use of the incoming light and adapt the appearance of your kitchen to your liking. Enjoy the many options that the Equinox One offers.

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A modern interpretation of historic landmark buildings

The equinox kitchen is inspired by the natural phenomenon that goes by the same name. On the day of an equinox, daytime and nighttime are of approximately equal duration all over the planet. This is the time in the year when the sun is perpendicular to the equator and the length of day and night is roughly the same everywhere on Earth. The sun rises at that exact moment in the east, so that both the southern and northern hemispheres receive the same amount of sun rays.

Inspired by historical buildings such as Stonehenge, the Pyramid of Cheops and the Pantheon that also used this phenomenon, the Equinox One was also created. The light that enters the home is optimally distributed in this design and is specially tailored to today’s living needs.

Extraordinary craftsmanship and ultimate luxury

This special kitchen deserves only the most special materials. The kitchen specialist has selected rare and durable materials that elevate the kitchen to true art. It is a wonderful combination of beautiful wood, precious stones, durable metal and steel and exotic leather.

Dalbergia wood

Dalbergia wood is particularly decorative, due to the color and structure of the wood. The type of wood belongs to the noble woods. Most wood of these species falls under the collective name rosewood, because of the aromatic scent of the wood.

This wood has a beautiful red-brown look with dark lines and is used in large quantities for the kitchen islands and kitchen cabinets.

Semi-precious stones

The special wooden planks in the kitchen are inlaid with semi-precious stones. This ensures a beautiful interplay of two special materials is created: a rare type of wood and a rare type of stone.

It is a rare type of limestone. This one looks like marble. The type of stone used is semi-translucent and has pink inclusions. This creates a special mixed appearance. The rear walls of the kitchen cabinets consist of a large slab of this type of stone. Because it is translucent, it creates a beautiful and softly filtered light in the evening when the LED lighting is set.

Stingray Leather

Stingray leather also called shagreen or shagreen leather is the name for the worked skin of rays. Stingray leather is a material that cannot be compared with any other type of leather.

Stingray leather is used in the Equinox One kitchen to decorate the kitchen drawers. The inside of the drawers are finished with this beautiful material so that even storing your dishes and pans becomes a luxurious experience. Various planks are also provided with stingray leather and framed with gold leaf as the icing on the cake.


Of course, also diamonds are included in the Equinox One. A diamond is a beautiful and beloved gemstone. It is the hardest material that occurs in nature. The stone is very scarce and precious and therefore very popular. The beautiful diamonds are inlaid in the eight existing door handles. This makes the kitchen a feast for the eye to look at and the kitchen feels like a large luxurious piece of jewelry in which you can wrap yourself.

Gold leaf

Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered to a thickness of 0.0001 mm. This is still largely done manually. This creates an exciting collaboration between handcrafted and industrially manufactured materials in the Equinox One kitchen.

This material is extensively used in the kitchen. The edges of the doors and cabinets, shelves and baseboards are finished with platinum-colored gold leaf. This creates a beautiful luxurious appearance and emphasizes the existing sightlines in the design.


Peltrox® is a material with an innovative appearance. It is a classic stainless steel with a surface treatment inspired by tin. A traditional metal with a used look.

Peltrox® permits invisible welds so that large surfaces for worktops are possible. It is stain resistant, heat resistant, corrosion resistant and hygienic. This is a very high-quality and hygienic material that requires very low-maintenance and is user-friendly. This way you will never have to worry about your new kitchen!

The kitchen as room divider

The kitchen is not placed against a wall , but is located in the middle of the room. As a result, the kitchen also acts as a beautiful room divider. The back wall of the kitchen contains a wine cabinet and storage cabinets covered in stingray leather and framed in gold leaf. Because the entire housing is provided with gold leaf and contrasts with the beautiful back wall of semi-precious stones, the beautiful lines are  visible too.

Does this design sound like music to your ears and do you want this beautiful kitchen in your villa or penthouse? Please contact us. We will put you in touch with a Culimaat specialist who can discuss all options with you!

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