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ARC by Piet Boon
ARC by Piet Boon

Luxury doors

A tailor-made luxury door is an entrance to your home. You can add a luxury custom-made door to your home for a personal touch. You have endless possibilities with our exclusive tailor-made (front) doors, made out of steel or wood. shows an exclusive selection of quality brands and companies that create tailor-made luxury doors.

Exclusive and tailor-made

Luxury doors contribute to the atmosphere and identity of your home and are connected to the walls of your interior. And what’s also important when choosing what matches the interior, aspects such as color, material, and shape are discussed. Would you like wooden interior doors or do steel pivot doors fit better in the interior?

Every specialist thinks along with you, gives appropriate advice, and discusses the many possibilities. They will then ultimately realize the luxury door of your dreams that matches the style of the home and suits your personal preference.


Rural, classic or modern; luxury steel interior doors are true eye-catchers in every home, ensuring atmosphere, class, and optimum light. They fit perfectly with modern interiors, rural interiors, and classic interiors. The professionals who show their class at excel in customized steel doors. Do you want slender and refined profiles? The craftsmen will realize your dream.

Steel can be a perfect option when you want a more industrial look. It’s also a great idea to combine steel with a colorful interior. Steel is stylish and industrial with a large incidence of light as a bonus. Professionals are also capable of creating steel pivot, double steel, or sliding steel doors. These doors contribute to the elegant atmosphere in the home.


The customized wooden interior doors shown at are also of high quality. It adds atmosphere, warmth, and elegance to the room. Also in terms of color, type of wood, thickness, and door fittings, the specialists and professionals are happy to think along with you. Maybe wood is something for you when you want a rural feeling or it can be beautiful to combine a modern black and white interior with a wooden eye-catcher.

Together you realize the desired design. Black, in wood color, white or with large windows. It is always a unique item. In addition to wood, glass, and the above-mentioned steel, many more materials are used to create the perfect custom-made luxury door.

For example, luxury companies increasingly work with leather to create leather sliding doors. Also, the craftsmen use aluminum to manufacture the beautiful frames. In the end; whatever material is used, the results are always amazing.