Notice and Take-down

  1. HOOG describes below the procedure how it will act on NTD reports. This concerns requests for the removal of image material (photos) on the website of HOOG (, which image material comes from advertisers, architects, professionals and / or third parties.
  2. HOOG offers its NTD procedure on a completely voluntary basis and is not obliged to comply with requests under this procedure. Moreover, it is free to deviate from this procedure.
  3. HOOG will only handle the requests for the removal of the image material on its website if the applicant is a demonstrably interested party and / or entitled party and the purpose of the removal is to take action against the unlawful use of the rights of this interested party and / or or entitled party (in particular but not limited to copyright and trademark rights).
  4. After receiving the request, HOOG will pick it up as quickly as possible but in any case within 48 hours of receipt, and will assess whether there is (or may be) the unlawful use of rights of third parties and whether, in its opinion, the removal of the visual material (photos) is justified. To that end, HOOG may ask the applicant for additional information and / or evidence regarding the claimed rights.
  5. HOOG will only remove the image material (photos) if it can carefully and to the best of its knowledge that disclosing the image material (photos) on its website is in conflict with the rights of an interested party and / or entitled party. In doing so, HOOG takes the position that any infringement of third-party rights justifies the removal, but cannot be held to act against the disclosure of the image material (photos) on the basis of this NTD procedure. HOOG is free not to act against this for its own reasons.
  6. HOOG will only comply with a request for the removal of image material (photos) if the applicant indemnifies HOOG against any damage (direct and indirect) that HOOG suffers as a result of the removal of the image material (photos). If HOOG rejects the request, it will inform the applicant in writing (by e-mail).
  7. If you believe that visual material (photos) should be removed from the website of HOOG because this disclosure violates your rights, send a request to: In your request you describe:
    • clear which image material (photos) is involved;
    • why disclosing this image material (photos) on the HOOG website is contrary to your rights;
    • and you submit your request with proof that you are an interested party and / or entitled party to the visual material (photos) that you want to see removed from the website.