The Best Dutch Interior Design 02

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Project by: Grand & Johnson

Unique content from the best interior designers in the Netherlands

The projects are briefly and vigorously guided by personal texts from the responsible interior designers. These words melt together beautifully in ‘The Best Dutch Interior Design 02′ with beautiful and extensive photography. Inspiring, personal and delightful. A unique book with unique content from, among others, the following architects:

  • Bob Manders
  • Eric Kuster
  • Fran├žois Hannes
  • Grand & Johnson
  • Jan Des Bouvrie
  • Jeroen van Zwetselaar
  • Kabaz
  • Kate Hume
  • Kolenik
  • Linda Lagrand
  • Marcel Wolterinck
  • Marco van Veldhuizen
  • Mariska Jagt
  • Osiris Hertman
  • Piet Boon
  • Remy Meijers
  • Robin Sluijzer
  • Roelfien Vos
  • Stock Dutch Design

What our interior designers say about

“When I was asked and selected for the book” The Best Dutch Interior Design 01 “I was immediately triggered by the unique concept.

At the book presentation in Amsterdam I realized how proud and honored I was to have a mention in this publication. In my opinion, it has the potential to become “The Michelin Guide” of Interior Designers.

Exciting to be selected and fantastic to be in! “

Fran├žois Hannes

“To date, Stock looks back on her collaboration with Hoog Design with great pleasure.

Hoog knows how to connect Dutch interior designers in a positive way without losing sight of the unique character of Stock Dutch Design, in which the Dutch legacy is placed in a contemporary context.

We are looking forward to a renewed joint project!”

Stock Dutch Design

“In my projects I always look for the perfect balance. Architecture, interior design and furniture, they must be perfect, in every detail.

This desire for perfection is also reflected in the work of Hoog Design. This makes The Best Dutch Interior Design 01 a book in which my work is perfectly displayed. But not only that. It also offers a nice sample of the Dutch interior design that is relevant at the present time.”

Remy Meijers

I am specialized in high-end luxurious interior architecture and design. My personality and vision of living, work and life are instantly reflected in my work. My work is known for my contemporary and quiet luxurious design solutions.

For me personally, Hoog Design stands for the most beautiful high-end interiors. To be part of the best Dutch interior designers, among my dear colleagues, is a honour and I am looking forward to the result.

Mariska Jagt

Limited edition

The Best Dutch Interior Design 02′ is printed in a limited edition (2,500 pcs.) And will be exclusively numbered. As a world first, the ‘color-edged “uniquely numbered. Each book has a unique number on the side of the pages.

Exclusive interviews with the vision on interior and design by:

Maarten Baas

In 1996 Maarten Baas started at the Design Academy Eindhoven. His rebellious, humorous and intellectual work is seen as one of the most influential works of the early 21st century. In 2002, with his graduation collection Smoke consisting of a series of burnt furniture, Baas became world famous.

Studio Job

Studio Job stands for an art and design collective, led by Job Smeets and graphic designer Nynke Tynagel. This designer collective has already made a name for itself with bold products and sculptures on the border of design and art.

Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek graduated from the Academy of Industrial Design in Eindhoven in 1990 with a scrap wood cupboard, which is now called the Classic Cupboard in Scrap Wood. Piet Hein Eek designs (and manufactures) furniture, lighting and accessories and is also involved in the design of buildings.

Project by: Stock Dutch Design | Photographed by: Peter Baas

450+ pages

450 pages of home inspiration. 450 pages of pure living pleasure. 450 pages of high-quality design. ‘The Best Dutch Interior Design 02′ lets you enjoy 450 pages.

Measurements 25,2 x 33,2 cm

The Best Dutch Interior Design 02′ is a bulky and impressive book that enriches your interior. A home accessory that you must have.

The best materials

By using the best materials such as 170 grams of paper, Japanese ink and a linen cover, the projects really come to life.

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