24/7 access to your packages with the innovation of Hello Box

24/7 access to your packages with the innovation of Hello Box

Entrance gates have always been an intriguing symbol of security, exclusivity and elegance. They set the tone for what visitors can expect from the spaces they protect. But in the age of e-commerce, where package deliverers knock on our doors daily, access control has taken on a new facet of complexity. It is no longer just the guests we welcome, but also the package deliverers we need to safely deliver our packages. This prompted Elreka Hekwerken, a leading company in providing fencing and electric entrance gates, to establish their new company Hello Box.

Redefining security and convenience

Elreka Fencing, known for providing both private homes and businesses with stylish and secure fencing and gates, encountered a new and emerging problem. How do we ensure secure and reliable access for parcel deliverers? And how do we do that without compromising the security, style and luxury for which our fencing and gates are known?

There were some solutions on the market, but none that offered the quality and elegance that Elreka Fences strives for its customers. That all changed when they discovered eSafe, a manufacturer that until then had only operated in Belgium. Elreka Fences noted that eSafe produced high-quality products that perfectly matched their high standards and commitment to design.

Originating from necessity

In their quest for perfection, Elreka Fencing decided to create a new company specifically to meet this challenge: Hello Box. It is an extension of Elreka Hekwerken, but with capabilities beyond the fencing market.

Hello Box

Hello Box’s vision is simple yet groundbreaking: to make it possible to receive packages 24/7, without compromising style or security. By providing this solution, Hello Box not only helps make customers’ lives easier, but also helps reduce the extra trips delivery drivers must make each day when no one is home to receive packages.

Design, security and innovation: what makes Hello Box unique?

Hello Box combines functionality with aesthetics, making it ideal for the higher-end market. Each product is designed with the customer in mind – from individuals to businesses and apartments. Moreover, architects can find products at Hello Box that perfectly match their designs.

More importantly, Hello Box is not limited to the current assortment. The company has already developed some additional products not previously available in the fencing market. This constant effort to innovate and improve is what sets Hello Box apart.

In a world increasingly revolving around online shopping, Hello Box is an innovation that meets the growing need for safe, reliable and stylish ways to receive packages even when you are away from home. It is the perfect combination of safety, convenience and design, something we all need in this rapidly evolving world.

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