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3 reasons to build a plunge pool

3 reasons to build a plunge pool

Even if you have limited space, there are options for a Starline pool in your garden. In fact, Starline offers a plunge pool suitable for any (urban) garden.

What are reasons to have a plunge pool installed in your garden?

1. Always cool down nearby
On a hot summer day, walk into your garden and take a refreshing dip in your own plunge pool. What a luxury! Moreover, having your own plunge pool gives a luxurious vacation feeling without having to travel. A wellness paradise in your own backyard.

2. Compact and does not take up much space
The plunge pool is a smaller-sized pool, so it does not take up much space. Therefore, a plunge pool is ideal for the smaller urban garden.

3. Still swimming laps in your plunge pool
Despite its small size, it is still possible to swim laps in your plunge pool as well. Starline Endless Swimming is a swimming machine that lets you swim laps in even the smallest pool. Thus, even with a plunge pool, you create an athletic lifestyle!

Starline's plunge pool
Starline offers a plunge pool suitable for any (urban) garden, namely the Urban Active. With dimensions of 2.5 by 4.5 meters, we can rightly call it a plunge pool.

The name says it all: the small pool is specially designed for the urban garden. Together with a Starline Endless Swimming, you also turn it into an "active" pool!

In addition, the Urban Active has a luxurious lounge staircase. The perfect place to relax in the sun!

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