4 tips for a pool in the garden

4 tips for a pool in the garden

If you would like to brighten and refresh the garden, installing a swimming pool is a valuable addition. A custom garden pool is not only a perfect way to relax and cool off during the hot summer months, but you will also add a beautiful element to your garden design. By thinking carefully about the design, materials, color choices and safety features, you can ensure that your pool fits your personal style and needs perfectly. Delve literally and figuratively into the world of luxury pools for your garden and create an oasis of peace and water fun in the backyard.

Tip 1: Which pool color best suits your garden?
A garden pool can be a fantastic addition to a home. Choosing the color of a pool depends on several factors, such as the style and design of the garden, as well as the surrounding nature and your own personal taste. Six different colors are available in the Starline range, each with a unique look.

The inspring white color is perfect for a minimalist and timeless look. This color offers a clean and fresh look that suits a modern or classic style. As icing on the cake, the white surface makes the pool water look crystal clear.

The color “soothing blue” is a light blue that has a bright and vibrant look. It is a good choice if you want to give your garden pool a tropical look.

The difference with the color “relaxing blue” is in the original blue color, one of the most popular colors for swimming pools. This color goes with many different styles and makes the water look naturally clear.

The color “elegant gray” is very popular because of its versatility. Depending on your home and garden, it can be applied to both modern and classic styles. The color is characterized by its subtle and elegant appearance. If you look closely at the color you will see a light gray shade, which goes well with a rustic or Mediterranean style.

The “stunning gray” color is a deep gray, making it slightly darker than the Elegant Grey. The color is a perfect choice if you are looking for a sleeker and more modern pool look for your garden design with a more industrial look. Gray can also be a good option for gardens surrounded by concrete, rock or stone.

The color “amazing graphite” is the darkest color available and fits well with homes with a modern or country style. When you want to experience the feel of a swimming pond, choose Amazing Graphite. The advantage of this color is that the pool looks deeper than it really is.

Tip 2: Low maintenance through automatic pool technology
A built-in garden pool comes standard with an extensive pool installation. After all, it is very important that your pool be clean, heated and safe. Heating your luxury garden pool requires a powerful drive through a heat pump. A pool pump then circulates the water from the pool back to the pool through the pool filter, which serves purely to keep the pool clean. The latest innovation in water disinfection is Pure Water. This system ensures that no chlorine or other chemicals get into your swimming water. Additional purification of your garden pool is achieved with the addition of a filter that removes all dirty particles from the water.

Tip 3: Solar lamella cover for energy savings
In the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, the use of a heater for your garden pool is a must. But in most cases, a heater also means higher energy and/or gas consumption. A solar slat deck for your pool is an innovative and energy-saving solution for pool owners eager to keep their pool warm while lowering their energy bills. Solar slats feature small air chambers that help retain heat and prevent the water from cooling. Solar energy is captured by the slats and then used to heat the water in the pool. The biggest benefit is energy savings. Using solar energy reduces energy bills and heating costs.

The slatted deck also helps reduce water evaporation and preserve pool chemicals longer. It also provides additional safety for the pool. The deck prevents children or pets from inadvertently entering the pool in your yard and can also help keep dirt and leaves out of the water, making the pool easier to clean. All in all, a Solar slat deck can be a smart investment for your backyard pool.

Tip 4: Have countercurrent in garden pool built
If you are planning to have a recessed pool built in your backyard, it is definitely worth thinking carefully about choosing a counterflow pool. This additional feature allows you to swim without continuously moving in the same direction. It is a great way to improve your swimming experience and it is also a great workout. A garden counterflow pool is actually a pool with a powerful jet stream that allows you to keep swimming in one spot while still feeling like you are moving. When you choose a Starline pool in your garden, you choose durability and quality. Starline offers many options in terms of style and design, a true addition to your home. Create an oasis of peace and fun with an exclusive counterflow pool in the garden.

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