4x custom luxury sauna

4x custom luxury sauna

A custom sauna is an essential part of a home spa for many people. It offers warmth and exclusivity. The official definition of wellness is as follows: the human search for balance between body and mind. A home spa, and therefore a custom luxury sauna, evokes a deep state of relaxation. You can experience that feeling of optimal relaxation and tranquility in your own home or garden by choosing a custom sauna. Curious about the endless possibilities for an infrared sauna, Finnish sauna or custom combination sauna from Welson? Then read about the benefits of a custom luxury sauna here and check out the 4 most luxurious saunas for inspiration. Do you also choose that intense feeling of tranquility?

Custom combination sauna from Welson
A custom sauna is designed and realized by Welson. Each custom sauna has its own look. So is this exclusive sauna with stone strips. Powerful and exclusive. The LED strips that this combination sauna is equipped with make it even more exclusive. The distant view what there is from the custom stone strip sauna is due to the generous glass walls this Finnish sauna has. A custom home sauna has many advantages. So you never have to consider opening hours and can enjoy optimal privacy and comfort in your own luxury custom sauna from Welson at any time of day. Your new favorite spot in your home or garden under a canopy.

A customized infrared sauna
A customized infrared sauna; good for the immune system. But is that really the case? A question prevalent among much of the world’s population. Scientific research shows that the rays of a custom infrared sauna increase white blood cells in the body. White blood cells are active in the immune system and protect the body from foreign substances. The heat from the infrared sauna increases blood flow to the muscles and tissues, which helps to keep them well supplied with blood. So a luxury custom sauna is not only beautiful in your interior. It also contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Custom made sauna from Ayous
The combination of the beautiful wood type Ayous and the LED strips behind the backrest, make this custom sauna by Welson, an elegant and chic piece. The type of wood used here bears the name Thermo Ayous. This is a thermally modified tropical softwood. Thermal modification involves the wood undergoing thermal heat treatment of up to 200 degrees. A sustainable process which changes the cell structure of the wood and does not involve any chemicals. This makes Ayous extremely suitable for building a custom sauna.

Relaxing scents in a custom Finnish sauna
Our senses are incessantly exposed to all kinds of stimuli day in and day out. A custom luxury sauna can help you relax when you want to take a moment to yourself and unwind. Enrich your hot sauna experience with infusion fragrances. In a custom Finnish sauna, you can make use of updraft fragrances. One of the scents known to help relax is lavender. A home sauna is a great way to personalize your home and create your own oasis of rest and relaxation.

Are you also considering a custom luxury sauna in your home or garden? Request Welson’s brochure full of inspiration or schedule a consultation appointment. Welson’s consultants will be happy to welcome you to the showroom or visit your home to discuss with you all the options for a custom sauna.

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