5 reasons to choose a Monoblock® pool in your yard

5 reasons to choose a Monoblock® pool in your yard

Since 1973, Starline has been developing, designing, manufacturing and distributing Monoblock® private swimming pools. A Monoblock is a one-piece pool. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, it also has many functional and technical advantages. Read on to discover why a Monoblock pool in your yard is a good choice.

1. Luxury appearance
One-piece pools have a luxurious, modern look. The pools have clean lines, smooth walls and a smooth bottom with a seamless structure. A gem for any garden and it creates a place where you enjoy wellness, luxury and relaxation with friends and family.

2. Little construction work in your garden
Starline manufactures Monoblock pools entirely in its own factory. Even accessories, and built-in parts are already fully installed before the pool comes to your yard. This ensures that the bathtub can be installed quickly after production. You will also have little inconvenience from construction work in your garden.

3. Integral hedging
Starline is the only manufacturer of Monoblock pools with its own pool covers. A slatted pool cover from Roldeck® fits perfectly with Starline pools. The result is a sleek design and safe cover.

4. A complete product
In addition to pool covers, Starline, as the only manufacturer of Monoblock pools, also supplies the complete technical installation. Consider, for example, a filter, heat pump, disinfection and controls. A swimming system (Starline Endless Swimming) is also one of the options: this way you can still swim laps in a smaller pool!

5. Long service life
Starline pools consist of one piece and are manufactured from high-quality composite in an extremely durable, double-walled and insulated construction. Compared to architectural pools, you are less likely to have leaks and spend less time and effort maintaining your pool. In addition, Starline offers a lifetime warranty – so you are always assured of quality.

A Starline pool guarantees luxury, quality and durability. Can’t wait to take a dip in your own Monoblock pool either?

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