5x a luxury pool house made of wood

5x a luxury pool house made of wood

From a modern porch directly attached to the home to a freestanding outdoor living area in the form of a garden office, spa or guest house. It’s about creating a pleasant place where you experience tranquility as an extension of your home or garden. Create special memories in a nice place close to home. Experience the convenience of a luxury wood pool house in your garden. With a luxurious pool comes a spacious pool house. You may want to store all the tools and equipment that come with your pool easily and quickly. Bronkhorst likes to make it more than just a lounge or functional place for your pool techniques. What conveniences do you value? With this luxury pool house adjacent to a spacious pool by Welson, you are choosing the perfect combination as an addition to your beautiful garden: a custom luxury pool house!

Modern black pool house with fireplace
Embracing the outdoors in a fantastic, green environment. Style and comfort in perfect harmony. This luxury pool house from Bronkhorst is characterized by its luxurious appearance through the horizontal tripple rhombus profile with an insane profile. Natural forms made from high quality luxury materials that create a harmonious feeling. The luxurious wood pool house is fully equipped, including a custom combination sauna by Welson. In addition to the combination sauna, there are plumbing fixtures, a technical room for the pool and recessed ceiling heaters. This modern pool house with fireplace allows you to enjoy your garden even during cold days.

Luxury pool house with a gabled roof
The look of Bronkhorst’s designs combined with every possible luxury invites you to enjoy the outdoors. Time for yourself as well as time for each other. An extremely luxurious slatted pool house which has been transformed into a fine garden base. This luxurious pool house with sliding glass wall also features a concrete floor, outdoor kitchen, toilet, bar, large sliding glass walls, spacious storage room and slats. The dimensions of this luxury wood pool house also lend themselves perfectly to a guest house.

Custom wooden pool house
This luxury wood pool house is made of Douglas fir. A black luxury slatted pool house, custom designed. The sliding glass walls make it the place in the garden to lounge at any time of day. The luxury custom pool house is a spacious and open design with large windows, which offers beautiful views of the pool and surrounding garden. The luxurious wood pool house features a lounge, storage room with pool technology, dressing area and an additional covered storage room at the rear that serves as storage. The comfort and luxury of this spacious pool house is greatly enhanced. In short, this exclusive and luxurious pool house is the perfect solution for an outdoor garden retreat.

Luxury pool house with gable roof
One of the most striking features of this luxury pool house is the gabled roof with dark tiles. Here you can relax in the shade and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden or pool. The luxurious wood pool house has a side wall made of glass, making this space perfect for dining with friends or family. When you stay in the rural luxury pool house, you are among flowers, shrubs and trees through the glass-clad side wall. When it gets a little colder as summer draws to a close, fire up the heater. This creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Perfect for relaxing and enjoying the cold evenings. The place for relaxation and rest. Coming to yourself for a moment. End the day with a visit to the sauna, located in your luxurious pool house in the garden? Bronkhorst provides customization; all wishes are discussed.

Rural luxury pool house
Enjoy the tranquility you will experience in this rural luxury pool house. The luxury wood pool house is made of Douglas fir, has concrete-look walls and black horizontal slats. The combination of these aspects create a unique and cozy atmosphere. This beautiful annex was designed with comfort and luxury in mind. The luxury custom pool house features an open and airy interior with large windows that offer stunning views of the pool and surrounding gardens. It is tastefully decorated with high-quality furniture, stylish lighting and a robust stove. The stove in this luxurious pool house provides a warm and cozy atmosphere where you can perfectly relax and enjoy after during the cool evenings. Or complete your outdoor living area with a luxury outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy the day even longer.

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