5x insane kitchens with kitchen island

5x insane kitchens with kitchen island

The kitchen is also known as the heart of the home. That’s because the kitchen is the space where everyone gathers. Therefore, it is important that everything is right; the entire kitchen design, materials, appliances, finishes and details. If all of these points are completely in line with your wants and needs, you will create a true dream kitchen. One company that understands this like no other is Culimaat. They design luxury, high-end kitchens, striving for absolute perfection. To show you how they do it, we’d like to introduce you to five of their crazy projects centered around the kitchen island.

Thoughtful positioning
The first project we’d like to show you is the kitchen of a distinctive farmhouse. This home had many self-contained spaces, making the living spaces look unsettled. Therefore, careful thought was given to the positioning of the kitchen to create a warm and accessible whole. The kitchen is now fully in keeping with the rural character of the original farmhouse.

Contrasts in the lead role
The following kitchen has a high-profile design and is nothing like anything you’ve seen before. The fantastic combination of different colors and materials makes the kitchen look very modern, yet warm. Contrasts play the leading role in this. For example, note the cabinetry, the chic polished kitchen island and the dark color that contrasts with the bright white. These special elements make you want to keep exploring the cuisine.

Generous kitchen island
This phenomenal kitchen owes its exclusive appearance to the imposing kitchen island. This kitchen island was given a u-shape, providing ample space to prepare the most delicious dishes and neatly store all kitchen accessories. In addition, it is easy to see that the kitchen is custom and precision work in every detail. Lighting, for example, was neatly concealed in the ceiling drop and the kitchen appliances were beautifully integrated into the custom cabinetry.

Thoughtful kitchen design
This stunning kitchen is full of surprises. One of these surprises is the door to the basement that was neatly incorporated into the cabinetry. This made it part of the design and does not disturb the beautiful design of the kitchen. In addition, this kitchen island conceals an elevator system that was implemented in the granite countertop. This offers plenty of storage space and it makes the kitchen look neat and sleek.

A kitchen full of contrasts
Finally, we would like to introduce you and another stylish kitchen. The interior of this villa was shaped by playing with contrasts. Classic elements were combined with modern, new elements. This makes the house look very sleek on the one hand, but on the other hand gives it a tough and robust look. The kitchen was also designed based on this premise, making the space now part of an insane overall concept.

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