6 ideas for your custom country dream kitchen

6 ideas for your custom country dream kitchen

Oak beams, natural stone countertops and “raw” materials: rural elements are playing an increasingly prominent role in our dream kitchens. The country kitchen not only fits well in a relatively traditional interior, but is also a real enrichment of a modern interior. Are you like us in love with this warm kitchen style? We would love to inspire you to find the country kitchen that really suits you!

1. The white country kitchen
Why is the color white in country kitchens such a popular choice? Because you can combine endlessly with the color white! On the one hand, a white kitchen provides a fresh, clean look. The light and accessible color goes perfectly with the charisma of rural elements such as natural stone or wood. White country kitchens offer a nostalgic atmosphere with the comfort of all today’s technological gadgets.

2. The anthracite country kitchen
For those more enamored with a more neutral color, an anthracite country kitchen is a nice alternative. The anthracite country kitchen is a beautiful eye-catcher when combined with a robust worktop of natural stone or marble(look). Indeed, the dark colors create a luxurious look, while the natural materials complement it with a cozy and warm touch. The scandinavian country kitchen, as we call the kitchen below, is a real favorite.

3. The industrial country kitchen
For an industrial country kitchen, think matte kitchen cabinets, muted colors and wooden details. In an industrial country kitchen style, you often see anthracite reflected. The concrete look is a desirable element among fans of the industrial style, and is often reflected in the countertop. We also see materials such as raw wood, stainless steel and metal reflected in industrial country kitchens. The sleek and modern that makes the industrial style so beautiful combined with the warm atmosphere of the rural makes this style so special. The contrast between these styles is precisely what makes the industrial country kitchen both tough and very cozy. A unique combination!

4. The sleek country kitchen
The sleek country kitchen brings together two of the most sought-after kitchen styles into one perfect whole. The more traditional country kitchens feature many ornaments and decorations. Think ornate moldings and decorative shapes. The sleek country kitchen does not have this. In contrast, the sleek country kitchen is more likely to see handle-less cabinets and minimalist lines. In addition, natural elements such as natural stone and wood play a major role in the sleek country kitchen. This combination is an absolute favorite for many of our customers.

5. Country kitchen island, straight kitchen or u-kitchen?
Although you don’t always have a choice in terms of space, there are plenty of options for all forms of your kitchen.

Rural kitchen island
The kitchen island in the country style is often equipped with handleless cabinets or drawers, but it does not stop there. A country kitchen island has the traditional charm with the modern conveniences such as a built-in wine cooler.

Country straight kitchen
When you have a smaller space, the straight country kitchen is the most practical. In fact, this one has a very efficient layout. The advantage when you have a straight country kitchen? Plenty of space and plenty of overview in your kitchen.

Country U kitchen
In a country U kitchen, you have everything at your fingertips. A U-shaped kitchen offers plenty of workspace and storage. A U-kitchen offers the opportunity to turn your kitchen into a true living kitchen. In fact, a U-kitchen is perfect for a bar where you can have breakfast with your family or drinks with friends.

6. Get inspired by country kitchens from our customers
We always seek the perfect match between your needs and kitchen advice from our years of expertise. This has already produced some wonderful end results, such as this family’s beautiful scandinavian country kitchen from Horst. The Berden family was also very fond of the country style combined with the contemporary of the modern style. In the list of country kitchens that we are really proud of, the Witteveen family’s country gem should not be missing.

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