A patio you don’t have to worry about anymore

A patio you don’t have to worry about anymore

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Wood is a beautiful product, so it can be used in many ways. The major drawback, however, is
that you have to cut down trees for it and that wood over time will rot, splinter and
discolor. Therefore, a wooden deck requires a lot of maintenance. Millboard is a new innovation at
the field of wood and composite. It is the world’s first board that looks like wood but does not have a
wood contains. Would you like a deck or patio with the look and feel of real wood but without looking like it?
need to look back? Discover Millboard.

What is Millboard made of?
Millboard has a base of polyurethane resin, fiberglass and mineral raw materials including
limestone powder. The planks have a special nonporous top layer of Lastane. That top layer
has a natural-looking ”wood” texture and makes the planks feel comfortable to the touch
barefoot and that screw heads disappear into the board. In addition, the top layer ensures that
algae cannot attach and the planks require minimal maintenance and. Millboard has
also a very low certified CO2 Footprint.

Carefree enjoyment
The beauty of natural wood, but with improved durability, safety and
ease of maintenance. The planks cannot rot, warp, split or discolor and go
last at least 25 years. The high anti-slip in wet and dry and fire class certification Bfl-S1 ensure
also for added security. This allows you to enjoy your patio carefree.

What can I use the boards for?
The boards are commonly used for (roof) terraces, decking and around swimming pools because of the
high durability, non-slip surface and weather resistance. It is also often applied
as wall cladding, wall decoration, ceiling covering and furniture material. Because the screw heads
with Millboard planks are not visible you always get a tight end result.

Discovering Millboard for yourself
You can request free samples at wooddeck.co.uk/sample. So you can choose the color and
experience natural-looking texture of these planks.

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