A private pool in the garden: what to look out for?

A private pool in the garden: what to look out for?

It is a wonderful asset, a swimming pool! But how do you tackle that? Do you start with a pool builder or should it be different?

A pool should be integrated into the whole of the garden and fit in well with everyday life. Of course a pool builder thinks about where to place the pool, but only for one purpose: to sell the pool! With a canvas of about 4 x 8 meters, pool builder and garden owner run to fit and measure. “Yes, it just fits here!” But is that the right place?

It is wiser to seek advice from a landscaper prior to this expensive investment. A landscaper is a professional who takes into account your needs, the style of your home and the surroundings. In other words, someone who has an eye for the whole. A jack-of-all-trades who weighs all interests well and fits a pool well into the current situation with an eye for both practical and aesthetic interests. Once the right location is determined, that is the time to sit down with a good pool builder.

A swimming pool in the Netherlands is basically an ugly feature. In practice, there is a roll deck on the pool until you swim. Only when you have your swim trunks on do you open the pool and the sparkling blue water shows itself.

Good advice is often not to place the bathtub in a direct line of sight from the interior. It is better to put it in a corner of the garden where you do not have a direct view. In addition, it is often nice to interrupt the view of the bath by greenery, a wall or a hedge, for example. In this modern garden with pool (shown below on the left), the pool cannot be seen from the terrace with the dining table and from the interior.

But that’s not the only thing. A number of other considerations are important in situating the pool. How will you use the bathtub? Do you swim daily? Would you like to be able to sunbathe by the pool? In this garden (pictured above right) with a large pool is ready for daily use. Year-round! Note that, again, in some photos the bathtub is hardly visible, if at all.

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