A safe investment

A safe investment

People sometimes ask me if garden lighting is a good investment. It certainly is, and I have four arguments for that.

Increase living comfort
Garden lighting should first and foremost enhance home comfort. Bringing the experience from inside to outside and vice versa. All with the goal of enjoying nature around you 365 days a year. And in such a way that the uniqueness of the garden and house is emphasized or even enhanced.

Second, the garden lighting we use at Rainforest Lighting is future-proof. That means LED lighting with minimal consumption yet maximum light output. But it also includes a five-year (extended) manufacturer’s warranty that we are the only one in the market to provide when we do an annual review. And should a ground spotlight be damaged by a branch or garden machinery, a bulb can be repaired in most cases. This is also why I work exclusively with lighting solutions from leading European manufacturers. That is a piece of security that is very obvious to me. The same goes for my approach with an on-site lighting demonstration and lighting plan, by the way. Knowing in advance where you stand afterwards. That’s what it’s all about.

Added value
The third reason why it is a good investment is because it increases the value of your home. It adds something to the living experience. After a busy day at the office, take a moment to enjoy the garden. Whether you are inside or outside. From your easy chair or and stroll through the garden and admire nature.

Finally, there is safety. Instead of looking into a dark hole, your garden will be seen in a different light, which in turn makes you feel safe.

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