A smart front doorbell

A smart front doorbell

You want to feel safe in your own home, but even when you are away from home you want to leave everything well and preferably keep an eye on things. To complement the home automation system, Control4 developed a video front doorbell called Chime. This increases your security and allows you to see who is at the door anytime, anywhere, and maintain control.

You receive instant notification on your phone or on the Control4 touchscreen when someone rings the doorbell. Remotely, you can talk to this person and grant them access to your home, if desired. Think of the package delivery man or your child coming home from school. Don’t you trust it? Then the door stays closed and the visitor knows he is being watched.

Because the front doorbell is linked to your home automation system, if it is detected, the lights can also be turned on immediately. You simply set that after a certain time in the evening or night, the entire outdoor lighting is activated. Through the speakers, you can even sound a siren, or a message asking you to leave. A safe feeling while you sleep or are away from home.

Curious about the possibilities for your home?
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