A sustainable interior

A sustainable interior

Sustainability has been an increasingly important issue in recent years, gaining support and priority. We too are finding that our customers are becoming more conscious in their choice of materials for their interiors. This is choosing a solution that is friendly to the environment, thinking about the long term.

Use fair materials
Make sure you choose furniture made from fair materials, think natural, recycled and in the case of wood with an FSC label. The latter means it meets the strict requirements for nature protection. In addition, wood is also a very warm material that brings instant ambiance and warmth to your home.

When designing or executing a design, our preference is always to use high-quality and timeless materials. We strive to create interiors and furniture that will last a lifetime.

Recycling of materials
To give an example of how you can reuse materials in a beautiful way, let us show you an example of an office building that we had the pleasure of providing with a completely new interior. In this office, we used recycled barnwood from an old French barn. The wood is weather scarred and after all the time it has functioned as the exterior side of a barn still in top condition.

The oak wood was completely removed of nails and brushed clean, afterwards these were made to measure for the interior parts, these were once again durable transparent lacquered with 2k water-based lacquer.

The barnwood was used for; doors, the dressing of the canteen, tables and the reception desk, among other things. Not throwing away but adding value again to material is the starting point here.

Tips for a sustainable interior
– Reusing furniture and giving it new life. Consider having old furniture upholstered or recycling old materials.
– Use water-based paint instead of turpentine.
– Go for quality and get materials that will last a long time. Have a timeless design and interior tailored by professionals and then vary accessories should you want to regularly change your interior with the times.

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