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A unique table produced from one block of natural stone

A unique table produced from one block of natural stone

A unique feature of this table is that it is produced without gluing or joints. Designer Lex Pott worked with Jan Reek natural stone to select a block of Belgian bluestone from the quarry. Because the natural character is preserved by the unfinished natural contours, each table is unique.

The shape and quantity of the legs were marked off by the designer based on the proportions. Manual removal of the natural stone between the permanent legs. After this, the block is turned, turning this table was a precise job as the table weighs about 1500 pounds, the legs become vulnerable due to the small contact area with the top and the high weight of the top.

Several tables have already been produced, delivered and placed worldwide. In Belgium and Canada and the US, among others. The design was on display at the museum “artipelag” in Stockholm, Sweden. Here was an exhibition “earth matters” for which this table was selected by the curators.

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