All about the aging of exterior wood

All about the aging of exterior wood

All wood that is outside and not oiled will completely gray within a period of about 1 year. This is especially true of hardwoods that are often used as outdoor parquet or siding such as Ipe or Padua due to their tremendous durability. We have selected our material specifically on the way of aging. All of our woods therefore age fantastically beautifully!

The rate of aging
The graying of wood is a natural phenomenon, resulting from a photo-oxidation reaction of one of the main components of wood (lignin) due to the sun’s UV rays. It is a superficial phenomenon (at a depth of 0.1 mm) that does not otherwise affect the quality or durability of the wood. The rate at which the wood ages depends on a number of factors (wood species, location, sun), but in general we can say that outdoor parquet that is not oiled ages within one year. An aged outdoor parquet has a particularly beautiful look and the beauty of it is that it is thus low maintenance!

In full sun or shade
One wood ages more beautifully than another. The wood we find that ages most beautifully is Ipe and Thermo Ash. In addition, Padouk and Ayous woods are also species that age very nicely. Actually, all our wood species age very nicely and always maintaining durability and structure, which is what we have specially selected them for. When the wood is in full sun, aging will occur most rapidly. In the shade or under a canopy, it remains original in color longer.

Fight aging with patio oil
If you actually like the original wood color and want to combat aging, you can finish it with a patio oil. The wood must then be thoroughly cleaned and re-oiled once or twice a year if it is to retain its beautiful color. You can choose from several colors for this, once chosen you must repeat the same color annually. We recommend Woca patio oil or Rubio Monocoat’s Hybrid Wood Protector. The Hybrid Wood Protector is more expensive to purchase but has a better UV protector and therefore does not need to be re-oiled as often. You can apply these products very easily with a roller or brush. Terrace oil soaks into the wood and protects the wood from the inside out. It does not detract from the texture or appearance of the wood!

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