Art and interior design: the perfect match

Art and interior design: the perfect match

Art is very personal and plays a big role in an interior. It allows people to show their feelings or character. Art can serve as a starting point for the rest of the interior, or it can have a small subtle role. Whether it is abstract or just realistic, fine art or painting, it can be mixed into the interior in numerous ways.

Add character to your interior
Choosing art is very personal and art objects can have a special value to people. This was the case with this project. The residents’ art worker was one of the starting points for this unique design. The choice of color tones used in this interior design came from the works of art. A beautiful connection between the works is created by hanging them together as a collage. Like the living room, the design of the spacious living kitchen was inspired by a series of paintings. Check out this project here or on our website.

Presentation of art in the home
Art can be presented in multiple ways. It can be prominent in the picture, or it can be in a corner of the home as a surprise effect. If you have multiple works of art and sculptures, then a compartmentalized cabinet is the ideal way to make the art stand out. Vases, books and other objects can be beautifully integrated into the cabinet. Do make sure that all objects have something to do with each other so that there is bonding. Create unity by keeping the same color tones or shapes. The right styling creates balance and tranquility.

Another way to present art is on the wall. A common term is a centerpiece. This is a work of art on which the entire interior is based. A real eye-catcher you can’t ignore. Such a work provides a focal point in your interior and creates unity and balance in a home. This eye-catcher can be large or small, as long as the eye notices it immediately. Art creates an extra dimension in your home and therefore indispensable in an interior design.

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