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Atmosphere, warmth and elegance for a cozy summer evening with Focus outdoor fireplaces

Atmosphere, warmth and elegance for a cozy summer evening with Focus outdoor fireplaces

A crackling fire, flames that brighten a beautiful summer evening, design that transforms the garden or terrace into a most atmospheric place. The Focus outdoor collection plays with the usual elements, combining design and comfort. Seven of the iconic models, specially adapted for outdoor use, make up this collection. The newest fire basket Bubble provides coziness in its own way, with beautifully understated and elegant curves.

Fire has the gift of making every moment you spend with it a memorable one. For a moment of rest and reflection or a festive and gourmet evening with friends, fire is the companion of all moments in life.

Outdoor fireplaces
Seven models, available in rust or black painted finishes, have undergone special anti-corrosion treatment. Four suspended and swivel models - Gyrofocus, Bathyscafocus, Domofocus, Ergofocus - and three wall-mounted models - Emifocus, Miofocus and Paxfocus. All of these outdoor fireplaces, which are also suitable for cooking, must be covered and installed at least 10 km from the sea.

Fire basket
In the Focus family of barbecues and outdoor fireplaces, the Bubble occupies a special place. The newest addition is both compact and portable. Equipped with two casters on the bottom. With a diameter of 700 mm, the Bubble with its 46 kg weight can be easily moved over a flat surface. Thanks to the removable tray, maintenance is easy. The anti-corrosion coating makes the Bubble resistant to external influences while maintaining the quality of the finish and design.

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