Atmospheric home through powerful and distinctive lighting plan

Atmospheric home through powerful and distinctive lighting plan

Lighting. Every home has to deal with it and it is a very essential part of interior design. The first function of lighting is visibility at night. In addition, lighting plays an important role and creates the desired experience and harmony in a room. Thoughtful lighting plan choices create a home’s ambience and warmth.

Design lighting in three divisions

Lighting plan design begins with choosing the right basic lighting in a home. This refers to lighting that is essential to your home and cannot be missed. The basic lighting you turn on immediately as soon as you come home in the evening has the purpose of illuminating your home. For smaller spaces, a ceiling light is sufficient, but ceiling spotlights are often used for larger areas.

In addition to basic lighting, decorative lighting is considered. This is the light that can bring a certain atmosphere to a room. Dimmed wall lights combined with candlelight on a coffee table can create a romantic atmosphere. Ceiling spotlights, on the other hand, can exude a modern and luxurious atmosphere.

Then you have accent lighting that can be added to a lighting plan. Accent lighting can give items in a room just that little extra attention, such as special works of art or sculptures. With all lighting, choosing the right light temperature is very important. You have several shades of light to choose from. By choosing a bluer shade, you create a slightly cooler atmosphere. And vice versa, choosing a yellow shade of light creates a warmer atmosphere. Very important for the appearance of the home.

Distinctive and high-quality art

An interior often becomes distinctive through the use of a unique fabric on the sofa or a stunning kitchen. But lighting can also set an interior apart. A robust pendant lamp in the hall or an elegant table lamp on the sideboard. All eye-catchers that make the interior distinctive. Like a painting or sculpture, lighting can be used as high-quality art.

Unburdening is what we do

Choosing the right lighting for an interior is not so easy. We listen to the client’s wishes and the particular atmosphere the client would like to create. Together we create a distinctive and expressive plan for a home. We then present a complete lighting plan. If desired, we will go with you to choose the different types of lighting and completely style a home.

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