B Dutch opens doors factory showroom for kitchen and bathroom inspiration during winter inspiration days

B Dutch opens doors factory showroom for kitchen and bathroom inspiration during winter inspiration days

These dark days are the time of year for many people to get inspiration for a new bathroom or kitchen. That’s why B Dutch is organizing the Winter Inspiration Days just now. Everyone is welcome to visit the factory showroom in Cuijk without appointment, also on Boxing Day from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. A unique opportunity to discover this special company in your area and put together the kitchen or bathroom that warms your heart.

In the in-house factory next to the showroom, B Dutch products are custom produced for the customer. Owner and designer Luciën van de Ven: “The B Dutch design team has now developed an extensive kitchen and bathroom collection. A lot of customization is possible within these collections. A customer not only chooses the model, but also has endless choices in terms of materials, dimensions and colors. To help customers with these choices, we have developed an innovative bathroom configurator and our design team is always available for additional advice.”

The B Dutch brand is known for its timeless sleek designs, use of the finest materials and unique workmanship in every detail. Because B Dutch does not work with middlemen or dealers, the value for money is very attractive. “We also notice this from the influx of interior designers who decide on a B Dutch bathroom or kitchen with their clients in our factory showroom. And after taking a look at the craftsmen in our production department, they really see what we can do,” Luciën said.

Not only the products but also the way B Dutch works is unique in the Netherlands. Luciën: “In no production plant for bathrooms and kitchens can you also go as a private individual and pay the same prices as an architect or contractor. Precisely to make individuals in our region aware of this advantage, we are organizing the Winter Inspiration Days this year. Feel welcome, our team has done extra their best to make it a special winter atmosphere.”

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