Bathroom trends 2022

Bathroom trends 2022

Looking for the latest trends for the bathroom? Look no further; here they are listed for you. Do you go for peace and basic? Or is a colorful funky look more for you? The 10 trends of 2022 show the need for light and cheerfulness, an atmosphere that radiates optimism. And there are several ways to do that in the bathroom.

1. Round organic shapes
Round organic shapes we saw back in 2021, and this trend is here to stay. We are home a lot in our familiar place. We are looking for softness; organic and cuddly materials are seen in all interior design trends. In your bathroom, for example, choose a mirror with a beautiful organic shape.

2. Don’t touch this!
Hygiene and sustainability are the watchwords of recent years. This also finds its translation to technology in cranes. We already know them in public spaces. But a real trend is faucets with a motion sensor just at your home. Very hygienic and definitely sustainable, you use a lot less water!

3. Go for gold
Gold is the color that shines in the 2022 bathroom. This is reflected in the faucets accessories and accessories. But can also be used in the basin or bathtub. That’s another eye-catcher; your freestanding bathtub in a matte gold finish.

4. From the outside in
Not everyone has the luxury of a green look outside. But bringing green indoors can be done with anyone. Large or small space… See what a beautiful plant does for the atmosphere in the bathroom!

5. Bath and bedroom go hand in hand!
Increasingly, you see an integrated concept; the bathroom and sleeping areas merge (partially). A freestanding bathtub lends itself ideally to this. Or what about a beautiful freestanding, or surface-mounted basin in the corner of the bedroom. Anything is possible.

6. Rest for body and mind
Tranquility in the bathroom is created with basic colors. Ton sur ton is all the way back. That means as much as choosing one color family and applying nuances with a shade darker or lighter. Combine a light tile and white basin with a matte gold faucet. What a peaceful and luxurious look!

7. A colorful view of the day
In 2022, we see a huge drive for cheerfulness and optimism. Striking use of color in the bathroom is a wonderful expression of this. Bold choices are made both in tile choices and also in washbasins, faucets and bathtubs. Again, provide one color family and you will be surprised by the effect.

8. We are on the same page
2022 is also the year of unity. Choose all your accessories and supplies from one line. For example, do you have beautiful sink faucets in the color bronze? Then also choose a sink plug, siphon, toilet roll holder and even pressure plate in the same color. This creates peace and synergy in the bathroom.

9. Music while you relax
You see, or rather hear it more and more, music in the bathroom. Whether it’s an energetic beat in the morning or quiet meditative sounds in the background in the evening; music in the bathroom contributes to your mood. Create your personal playlist for 2022: Bathroom vibes!

10. Smell is mood setting
Scented candles, sticks and home perfume. Not only in the living room, but also in your bathroom an absolute must. And what could be better than the smell of an energizing, invigorating hammam, just in your home? If you are ready to relax and unwind, then lavender and patchouli is a good choice.

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