Before and after

Before and after

We get to see many beautiful pictures where the end result is visible but how interesting is it to show what the difference is!

Especially with lighting gardens, the differences are easy to see. A house where the house is illuminated but the garden is less so making the contrast very high, this contrast can be reduced in a simple way by also lighting the garden better. An important aspect in lighting gardens is that it should be a help to enjoy the garden also at night and experience the atmosphere avoiding the dark areas, here the light should not stand out but be present.

To clarify this, below are a few pictures of a small project where this is clearly visible. We focused on the beautifully blooming ‘Anabel lime light’ flowers, unfortunately these were not easily visible from the road. Full-length full light but with minimal intensity so that the light is not noticeable. The bottom two photos clearly show what you can do with white light and a touch of purple. This gives the purple Clematis much more depth and color but retains its natural look.

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