Black kitchens | Kitchen trend of the moment

Black kitchens | Kitchen trend of the moment

Black kitchens are the kitchen trend of the moment. Previously still a bold choice, now the black kitchen – like the white kitchen – belongs to a timeless kitchen. You cannot make a mistake with this.

Black kitchen and kitchen accessories
When you think of a black kitchen, you probably immediately think of black or dark-colored kitchen cabinets. But had you considered a sleek, modern kitchen where the kitchen worktop is also black? Go for a monochromatic look by also choosing a black kitchen faucet, sink, soap pump and handles.

Dark residential kitchens
Another kitchen trend is the eat-in kitchen. More and more people are opting for a residential kitchen where the living space is no longer standard. Then consider a sitting area and separately the kitchen area with dining table. But the kitchen – in the case of a residential kitchen – is the heart of the living space. Often a (peninsula) island is chosen in the middle of the room combined with a tall cabinetry that also lends itself well to storing items other than just kitchen stuff.

For example, next125 has beautiful cabinetry in its collection. A complete cabinetry with kitchen appliances is closed with sliding doors. For a tidy and peaceful living space.

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