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Blox Luxury Furniture

Blox Luxury Furniture

Pleasant, my name is Frank Rijnen and I have been working as the director of an interior design company for over 30 years. Thanks to my years of experience, I now know what is essential in an interior. With that in mind, I developed a luxury furniture line, under the name Blox.

The idea arose from the desire to create unity in your home, just like custom interior design. The result is a series of individual elements that allows you to furnish your entire home in one style.

Timeless Luxury
Blox is a series of individual elements, combining high-quality materials to create timeless and luxurious furnishings. You can choose from two colors of natural brushed oak or a RAL color of your choice. There are also four colors of hard stone as well as four colors of upholstery. Thanks to the many combinations, you can put together your complete interior as you wish. Your chosen elements are available from stock, carefully packaged and shipped to the desired address. Thanks to the included instructions, you can easily assemble the furniture in a short period of time.
Blox: your entire home decorated in one day!

Check out Blox’s website for more information
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