Brut 172

Brut 172

172 meters above Normal Amsterdam Level (NAL / NAP) in Limburg, southern Netherlands in the rural hills Hans van Wolde has a world where taste, smell, image and sound fight for precedence. Which surprises, overwhelms and overpowers. Where with every bite or sip you get closer to the core of who you are yourself.

Hans van Wolde has been one of Holland’s leading chefs for more than 25 years. At a young age, he was interested in food and taste and was able to express his creativity and energy in the profession of cooking, “flavor artist” as he calls it. In 1994, Hans moved to Maastricht, where he first worked for Toine Hermsen for 4 years before opening his own restaurant, Beluga.

Hans van Wolde, together with Niels Maier, created a sophisticated interior with a bold mix between understated and natural brutality in a minimal luxury and rich arrangement.

Together with Kayden Stone & Ceramics, Jan Reek natural stone allowed us to be a part of this wonderful concept. The stunning open kitchen is lined all around with Idylium. In addition, the fronts of the cabinets are also clad in Idylium Nimbus Concrete. This gives it a clean and calm look.

During the experience from the kitchen, take a seat at a table designed by Niels Maier and Hans van Wolde. This was fabricated and installed by Jan Reek natural stone in Marble Amazonia.

You can now follow the exciting and intense adventure of this wonderful restaurant every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on RTL 4 “Brut, dreams under great pressure.

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