Built-in closets under a sloping wall

Built-in closets under a sloping wall

(Re)building a space under the roof? Then you run into the challenge of making the sloping wall useful. But how do you do that without losing a lot of space? Our interior specialists and craftsmen, installed several beautiful and original projects over the years. Below we look at a few to inspire you.

Classic storage cabinet parallel with sloping wall
This solution must be just about the most commonly known option. The further forward you get, the deeper the inside of your cabinets are and the higher you can make the doors (aka “fronts”). Depending on that, you can use them as a general closet or as a closet. The finish (type of wood, color, hardware) is still free in all the projects in this article, of course.

Classic storage cabinet with cutout for skylight
A low recessed skylight does not mean the end for your plans for a classic parallel storage closet as in the project above. The photo below demonstrates this perfectly. The resulting cutout at the skylight even gives room for a pot or plant in a nice way. Nice touch, right?

Custom cabinet crosswise on sloping wall
Think in the other direction, too, as in this project. The cabinets then have a normal depth on the inside, but slope at the top. Items belonging to the children or things you need less frequently are then given a place lower down under the roof. Your own clothing collection and frequently used covers, you can perfectly handle that in the large closets.

In two levels
Is your space so high that a full height closet would never be used? Then a remarkably creative alternative is possible. By dividing the height with a kind of mini-mezzanine, a second space is created. You can then choose to provide both top and bottom closet space or go for only one of the two. In this example, both were chosen and a library tray provides access to the upper room.

A sloping wall does not preclude the placement of a convenient closet. On the contrary, it offers a lot of opportunities to fill the space beautifully and usefully anyway. Our experts are happy to help you analyze the options within your situation. So feel free to contact us without obligation if you still have questions after reading this article. Good luck in advance with your project!

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