Cast floor underfloor heating

Cast floor underfloor heating

An exclusive cast floor combined with underfloor heating. Beautiful to look at and wonderfully comfortable to walk on, to live on, to play on. A cast floor lends itself perfectly to combining with underfloor heating. Daacha distinguishes itself as a specialist in exclusive cast floors through the use of very high-quality products, years of experience and professionals on the floor. Also in combination with underfloor heating.

Walking barefoot or in your socks on a heated and soft cast floor. A wonderful feeling of luxury. The pleasant feeling of enjoying yourself in your own home. No more blazing hot radiators, but rooms that are heated evenly. The epitome of comfortable living. “A cast floor lends itself perfectly to the combination with underfloor heating,” indicates Frank Burger, owner of Daacha, the specialist in exclusive cast floors. “But everything depends on a quality cast floor installed. Because our craftsmen only work with absolute top products, Daacha’s cast floors remain soft and supple, giving the floor a little spring and keeping it feeling and feeling comfortable. In combination with underfloor heating, a soft and supple cast floor leads to much more comfort,” says the highly experienced Frank Burger. He explains: ” Underfloor heating as part of central heating is usually incorporated into a sand-cement screed, i.e. the subfloor. It is important that there is sufficient coverage above the pipes, otherwise they will mark themselves in the screed. Electric underfloor heating can also be installed on top of an existing floor, which must then be leveled, before the screed is applied. Again, there must be adequate coverage, although to a lesser extent than with central heating underfloor heating. In both cases, a certain drying time of the subfloor and a heating-up protocol should be observed after installing the underfloor heating. With this, the subfloor can start to set and possibly shrink cracks, which is not a bad thing, as long as we see it, before we start pouring.”

Distinctive cast floors

Daacha operates in the high to very high end. Many homes and villas feature beautiful cast floors from the exclusive company. “For Daacha, there is only one way of working and that is to go for the very best materials and craftsmen,” Frank Burger, who has worked in this industry for more than 20 years, makes clear. “With our knowledge and experience and very good guidance from the same person to whom the customer has placed their trust, we set ourselves apart from other companies in this industry.” In addition, the close cooperation between Daacha and major parties such as Stonhard and Liquid Elements in the area of products and product development means that Daacha’s skilled employees can only work with the best available products. “That’s why we can realize cast floors that do not discolor over the years, remain soft and thus remain comfortable to live on, are scratch-resistant and provide an acoustic contribution in the home. So that also applies to cast floors with underfloor heating.”

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